BitMEX & 3Commas Partnership

Effective trading requires more than strategy, but also the tools to support it. 3Commas and BitMEX have now teamed up to provide these tools on BitMEX to help traders globally.

3Commas always recommends to work with credible and proven trading platforms, and after four years of working with BitMEX, we are pleased to announce an official partnership as of April 2021.

3Commas & BitMex

Our main goal

To improve overall customer experience by providing beneficial trading tools in a user-friendly interface



Experience the benefits of trading on BitMEX with 3Commas

Unique trading functionality
Be prepared for market volatility with the best tools on the market that help to protect your positions from manipulation and unexpected price swings by taking gradual profits to minimize your overall risk.
Tools for automated trading
Automate your strategy with an expansive set of triggers and conditions suitable for both newcomers and the most advanced of traders. Trading bots are also a great solution for passive investors seeking additional income streams with little to no time commitment.


Can I trade on BitMEX with 3Commas?
Yes, you can connect BitMEX to 3Commas via safe API keys.
What are the advantages of trading on BitMEX with 3Commas?

A set of smart tools for manual trading will protect you from the other traders’ tactics and help you get the maximum profit from unplanned price dynamics.

3Commas trading bots will help automate your strategy with a broad set of parameters suitable for both a beginner and a professional trader.

What pairs are available on 3Commas?
All pairs on the BitMEX platform are supported by 3Commas.
How can I access 3Commas trading tools?

To start using 3Commas tools, follow these steps:

  1. Register on 3Commas to start your free 3-day subscription;
  2. Register a new BitMEX account via this link and receive FREE access to 3Commas PRO tools exclusively on BitMEX through August 31st, 2021! Or log in to your existing account;
  3. Create an API key on BitMEX;
  4. Connect your BitMEX account to 3Commas using the API key.
What happens after my 3Commas free trial expires?
After your free period, you will need to select a subscription to continue using our services. You can view our available plans, here. You can also choose our FREE plan.
Can I use bots to trade on BitMEX?
Yes! With 3Commas you can trade on BitMEX with all of our available bots. You can use pre-made bots, customize a bot to your liking, and even integrate TradingView indicators.
Can I use BitMEX in my country?
Please refer to BitMEX's Terms of Service to verify if BitMEX is available in your region.

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