How to set trading bot using BeatingTheOdds BTC signals for Composite Bot.

BeatingTheOdds BTC signals are meant for quick entry and exit deals for small profits that accumulate.  We mitigate risk by having a small percentage of capital in each deal along with recommended safety trades. Anyone can make money in an up-trending market… It’s about how you succeed in down-trending markets. Our signals take advantage of how volatile Bitcoin is and are meant to jump in at appropriate buy times.  

  1. Create an account with 3commas

Creating an account is simple and easy.  Use this code for 10% discount.

To run our bot, you must have a PRO plan.  You can choose between monthly, 6 months, or 1 year payment options.

2. Connecting your Binance exchange using your API

How to create an API key for Binance:

Connecting your Binance account with 3commas:

3. Subscribing to our bot

Once your account is active and set up, it is time to select our BTC Scalping Bot in the marketplace

4. Setting up your bot 

Once you subscribe to our signals, here are the main settings which are required

5. Deciding which type of settings work best for you

We recommend two strategy settings (Aggressive and Conservative)

Aggressive strategy – designed for potentially quicker exits in the trade with a lower deviation in safety trades.  Can be very efficient in a bullish market, however, can lead to deals not getting closed quickly and staying open for an extended time in bearish markets.

Conservative strategy – designed for alleviating risks in potential price drops.  The higher the price deviation in safety trades, the lower your average buying price can be during a down trend.  Can be great for being precautious and lowering risk, however it may not close deals as quickly and generate as much profit.

If you have the capital, we recommend running two bots, BOTH an aggressive and conservative bot strategy!

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