Bot settings for Krypto Boss on 3Commas.

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Below, we will discuss Krypto Boss – another signal for 3Commas bots from the Marketplace, or rather three signals from the supplier, and try to understand what the difference is between them, where and what to trade using them and what settings the developer recommends.


  1. Registration and exchange linking on 3Commas.
  2. Available pairs and exchanges.
  3. Recommended strategies for Krypto Boss.
  4. How to set a bot for Krypto Boss on 3Commas.
  1. Registration and connection of the exchange on 3Commas.

The service is available via, this is my referral link that gives you a 10% discount.

After registration, you will get 7 days of free Pro account with all the possibilities. Then, if your deposit is less than $750, the service with all the possibilities will remain free for you. If you have more than $750 on your account, please choose one of the subscriptions. To work with Krypto Boss, it is most convenient to use composite bots, and I will describe all settings just for such a bot available on Pro account.

After registration on 3Commas, you need to connect the Binance exchange using your API. How to do this read here:

How to create an API key for Binance read here:

  1. Available pairs and exchanges.

First, let’s look for which exchanges and which pairs this signal may be used.

Signals can be used only on BINANCE and only to BTC. 

  1. Recommended strategies for Krypto Boss.

Below I will describe the recommended strategies to configure a 3Commas bot that are relevant as of the date of writing this post, but always keep in mind that recommendations are not the rules and all the risks you bear on your own and using your deposit.

For a start, let’s analyze all three types of signal, what is the difference between them:

KryptoBoss Premium Auto Scalping – the signals are paid and automatically generated in case of difference between RSI and another technical analysis method (classified by the developer) on a 5-minute chart.

KryptoBoss Premium Short Term Signals – the signals are paid and automatically generated in case of difference between RSI and another technical analysis method (classified by the developer) on a 1-hour chart.

Krypto Boss Free – the signals are FREE analog of KryptoBoss Premium Short Term Signals and are generated exactly the same, the only difference is that no more than free 2 signals are received per day.

As the developer states, “each signal can make 2% to 10% profit in a short period of time.”






Telegram channel:

Here, in Table# 2, is a comparison of settings for different signals:

3. Bot configuration on 3Commas for Krypto Boss.

If you decide to use paid KryptoBoss go to step 1. Buying a signal. Even if you use a free Krypto Boss Free, you also need to activate it in the Marketplace.

If everything went well, you will see the following:

Note: perform the same procedure for free Krypto Boss Free signal, otherwise you will not find it in the signal lists. This signal is free and no amount will be debited from your balance, the signal will be provided indefinitely.

2. Configure a bot. I will set up with the example of trading with a free Krypto Boss Free signal. If you decide to use a paid signal, check the recommended settings given in Table#2 or use your own strategy:

Creating a bot:

We will do it by sections:

  • Main settings
  • Pairs

It should look like that:

If you decide to remove any pair, simply click the cross to the right of the pair.

  • Strategy 

Note: do not set a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC in the ‘Initial order value’ because when working with Stop Loss of -10%, a bot will not be able to close the deal due to a value drop below the minimum, use the value of 0.0012 and higher.

  • Deal opening condition – just choose the desired signal as shown in our example for. If you can’t find it in the list, you have not yet purchased it and you need to return to step 1 ‘Buying a signal’:
  • Take profit
  • Safety Orders (first set up this section, otherwise you will not be able to set 10% for Stop Loss)
  • Stop Loss
  • Advanced settings

Now bot is configured. Click 

Get a reminder that you need to run the bot.

Then click Start

We’ve finished the bot configuration for Krypto Boss Free.

Here is a link to the bot that we just created:, by clicking it you can copy it, customize it or see the statistics of its work.

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