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Today’s Current Price$8.99140918557337
Market Cap$1.26B
Volume (24)$1,364,580,000
Circulating Supply140,245,400 OMG
Issue Date7/14/2017
Issue Price-

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OmiseGO (OMG)

OmiseGO (OMG) is the cryptocurrency used to power the OmiseGO decentralized exchange. This decentralized exchange was launched in 2017 as a universal platform for the peer-to-peer transfer of value, including fiat currencies, other digital assets based on different blockchains and physical assets using Smart Contracts. The platform is based on the underlying Ethereum blockchain. The value of OmiseGO has seen many spikes and troughs over its relatively short lifespan, including a muted response to the 2018 cryptocurrency boom. It has since fallen to lower price levels with less volatility, but remains elevated from its ICO price and continues to steadily increase over time. It is currently among the top 40 coins by total market cap.

OmiseGO is focused on providing a decentralized exchange for all forms of value, which means that anyone anywhere can trade anything with anyone else without needing to go through a centralized clearing house or store value anywhere besides the wallets of the sender and receiver. This type of universal decentralized exchange platform is particularly useful to those people on the fringes of the global banking and financial system.

The OmiseGO coin is both the currency for transactions on the decentralized exchange and is a reward for users who lock value into the network to facilitate the processing of transactions in its Proof-of-Stake system.

OMG can also be traded on some major digital currency exchanges.

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