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Profile Here you’ll find your Profile and Account Settings, for example: Invoice Address or Bot Notification settings. If you need any help configuring your 3Commas account, give us a shout! Security Any questions or suggestions for Security, then post a message here, for example, is Authy better than Google Authenticator for 2FA? Share your thoughts and questions! Payments & Subscription Need more information on different Subscription plans and payment methods? Then you’ve come to the right place to ask! Marketplace Still developing your own trading strategies or don’t have time to stare at charts all day? Then Marketplace signals are perfect for you! Hang out in this room and discuss bot settings and results you have achieved! Grid Bot GRID Bots may only be a young feature but have proven to be popular to earn a passive income with little effort or management for trading coins stuck in ranges, without trend. Options bot The newest of all Bot types, the Options Bot, discuss innovative ways to trade Options derivatives here, with like-minded traders and those new to trading Options. If you have any questions or feedback, please ask! Why not share any awesome trade results you have had? Referral Program Earn rewards by promoting 3Commas, discuss how the referral program works, exchange tips and ideas with other people using our referral program. Smart Trade The oldest and one of the most powerful tools in a trader’s arsenal: Smart Trades. Discuss tips and ideas or post a usage question here! Other Want to discuss crypto in general or new projects and coin fundamentals? This is the place for you! Here you can discuss anything that doesn’t fit the other categories but is still related to crypto or trading! Paper Trading If you are new to 3Commas, Paper Trading is a great place to practice with our tools and platform – also for experienced users, test any new strategies you have created in real time! Discuss any questions or ideas you have here or share any gems of knowledge you’ve learnt! DCA Bots DCA Bots are commonly used to automate your own trading strategies or used with Marketplace signals. Have a question or need some help? Then you’ve come to the right place to ask!
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