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The 3Commas Wallet will support Bitcoin and will be available on all app stores. You will be able to easily buy and sell your BTC using our wallet by simply going to BTC price page and clicking on “buy BTC”. The 3Commas wallet will be your personalized platform to trade various cryptocurrencies. As a user, you will be the one who’s going to hold the keys to all your digital assets. Our platform provides cutting-edge security protocols, which means even we can’t access your wallet. The 3Commas interface is quick and easy, with streamlined navigation to help you quickly and effortlessly buy and sell digital assets.

What Is Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin is the very first digital currency that exponentially drove the crypto industry. The digital asset is also amongst a few that is still in line with the ideas presented in the whitepaper founded by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym). To this day, it’s still unclear who Satoshi Nakamoto is and whether it is a single person or a group of individuals.

Bitcoin promised reduced transactional fees than typical payment modes and mechanisms and is not like conventional, government-backed currencies. BTC operations on decentralized authority platforms.

P2P Technology

Bitcoin is also amongst the very first digital assets that integrated peer-to-peer tech to help enable faster payments. The independent users of BTC as well as companies that own the computing mechanisms and power to participate in the BTC network are referred to as “miners”. They are the ones at the helm of processing the levels of transactions on the BTC platform and are suitably rewarded and incentivized in the form of new Bitcoins and lower transactional fees.

It’s safe to say that these miners are aptly considered as the driving force of the BTC network – they’re also regarded as the decentralized authority themselves, burdened with reinforcing the authenticity, safety, and credibility of the Bitcoin network. Miners are also given newly mined Bitcoins at a fixed rate, although the rate is subject to periodic decline. As of now, the total BTC that can mined is 21 million, and in July 2021, it was identified that the total number of Bitcoins that can are left to be mined is 3 million.

BTC Offers Significant Considerations

Using BTC as a form of Payment

BTC is now widely accepted as a credible source of payment for buying various products and services. There are also several retailers that accept BTC – and transactions are carried out and controlled using a wallet address and/or a similar hardware terminal through QR codes via touch screen applications. Moreover, ecommerce business also accept BTC payments by adding it as an option similar to credit cards and PayPal.

Opportunities for BTC Employment

If you’re self-employed, you can get to make money by opting for a job related to BTC. And there are a myriad of ways you can achieve that – for example, creating an internet service and integrating your BTC wallet on the website as a form of payment.

Why Bitcoin?

Value of Currency

Unlike a plethora of digital assets, Bitcoin is considered as an excellent store of value, and can potentially become the global currency of the future.

A Pathway to the World of Digital Assets

BTC is also aptly considered as a gateway into the digital currency world as it enjoys the powerful status of being the first, successful crypto currency.

BTC Script Language

Bitcoin is designed with an assembly language, which is leveraged to produce sophisticated types of transactions – including advanced contracts, but to a limited extent. Multi-Sig, for example, is a complex transaction that owes its existence to advanced BTC scripting.

Some Vital BTC Terms

Soft Fork

This was a recent alteration to the BTC protocol to stop the mining of old Bitcoin blocks, invalidated in the past. Now users mine BTC via the SegWit protocol, which was launched as a soft fork for the BTC platform.

Hard Fork

This was a change that enabled invalidated blocks to become valid transactions. The hard fork was accidentally created by the BerkeleyDB bug in 2013.

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin Today

BTC supporters are adamant that Bitcoin will easily become the next global currency. Most individuals also believe that BTC enables an incredibly fast mode of transactions with a low-fee payment platform for different types of transactions across the globe.

While operating on a decentralized platform and not regulated by government institutions, you can still trade your Bitcoin for traditional currencies. As a matter of act, the rate of exchange that Bitcoin has against the USD is amongst the most important driving factors that attract traders and investors. Moreover, one of the major reasons why BTC attained such exponential growth is because it can be used as a credible alternative to fiat money and can be leveraged against precious commodities such as gold.

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