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What our customers say...

Worry-Free Trading: I appreciate that 3commas can relieve me from keeping watch of crypto price fluctuations to buy or sell.

Dark Angel on

Excellent product and user experience: I've been using 3commas for almost a year now - mainly for DCA bots and Smart Trades. It has been a fairly easy learning curve, and you can find a lot of tutorials online. The development team keeps on adding stuff and making quality changes all the time. One of my favorite crypto trading tools. Safe trading and always DYOR.

Theodore on

Look no further: Simply the best tool for automated crypto trading that I have tried. You can connect to all common exchanges, and even with the free plan, you can use some of their really powerful bots. Over more than a year of use, I haven't experienced any errors or unexpected behavior.

Petr Kolář on

3Commas is an excellent platform that integrates automation into your trading plan. Whether through bots or the smart trade platform, you can control your stop losses and exit strategies with precision across multiple trading platforms, all in one place.

Mark Reagan on

3Commas is best. Forget the rest: 3Commas has great features, allowing a combination of custom deal types and structures. Customer support is excellent. The pricing of the service is very reasonable. I have used five other services that claim to have similar tools and services, but only 3Commas has fully delivered on their promise.

Wyatt Brown on

3commas is a fantastic tool to manage your accounts by different crypto brokers; an excellent tool for automatic trading, grid trading, DCA bots, HODL bots, and more to come in the future. I am delighted with 3comma's building up my portfolio.

B G Schram on

I recommend the 3Commas platform: I have been using 3Commas for two years, mainly the DCA Bots. The DCA bots are so smart, efficient, and full of options, thanks to the developers and the whole 3Commas team! There is very fast support in the Telegram group. I recommend the 3Commas platform to both beginner and advanced traders!

3commas vs Competitors: I have tried out different bots since 2021, in Arbitrage and Trading, with 300hrs of accumulated experience with top brands like Bitsgap, CryptoHopper, and 3commas. By far, 3commas is the best option out there due to its user-friendly interface, transparency in transactions and reports, 24/7 support, and a vast knowledge base available on the ins and outs of the platform.

Miguel Lora on

Been using 3Commas for years! Always happy with it.

Danny B on

3commas is freaking awesome! They're always innovating and coming up with different features for their bots. Customer service is also fantastic. Whenever I have questions, they're always kind, professional, and friendly. Just give it a shot - the free subscription is wonderful for when you're just starting out.

Leonard Tran on

The bots are easy to set up. I love that you can check them daily to see how they are doing and tweak them if needs be.

Kevin Decker on