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Manual trading with Smart Trade

Trade optimization: Sell and buy coins in a single window.

Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss

Deal closes when the indicated price is reached, or the deal closes when the price drops at or below the indicated value.

Sells with multiple targets

Multiple targets. Sell your coins across increments. Sell half your coins for $10,000, then 25% for $11,000, and the rest for $11,500.

Charts and Signals from TradingView

View concurrent currency rate charts and TradingView signals in a single window.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Trailing Mechanisms

Automated value adjustments as coin prices rise. Take Profit and Stop Loss points can automatically set to increase if a coin surges.

Smart Cover

Accrue additional profit with unexpected market moves. Sell and buy back coins.

Automated trading with Trading Bot

Use technical indicators to automate trading

Simple bot

Runs one trading pair

Long algorythm

Bot buys a coin with settings you build. Next, orders for sale are placed at a higher price. For example, buys it for $10 and sells it for $11.

Deal Close Signals

Bot trades according to Trading View signals: RSI — 7; ULT — 7-14-29; TA Presets; CQS Scalping; Trading View custom signals. It is also possible to arrange a deal start time.

Composite bot

Multiple pairs trading

Short algorithm

Bot sells a coin after you create settings, and then purchases a buy order at a lower price. For example, sells it for $10 and buys it for $9.

Analyze and copy bots

Bots can analyze performance and view and copy other bot settings on the 3Commas platform


Create portfolios with any coin amounts


Review incomes of other 3Commas users


Balance your portfolio by maintaining coin ratios

Copy and edit

Copy and edit coin ratios in your portfolio

Other features

Receive deal notifications on your browser, through our mobile app, on Telegram, and through email

Apps on App Store and Google Play

Our app allows you to trade and follow deals through your smartphone or tablet

API Access

Set up and utilize API functionality on your platform


Utilize trading signals from Cartelsignals and Crypto Quality Signals Premium and others

Referral program

Earn via crypto referral payments. Spend it on 3Commas or withdraw your money

3Сommas plans

Access to the platform features depends on the chosen plan for beginners, advanced and professionals traders.

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