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What to do if 2FA access is lost?

Check your notes
First of all, try to remember if you saved secret key 2FA somewhere. If you've managed to recover it, create a new account in 2FA app using this key. After that, sign in to your account using 2FA generated key on this account.

Consider using Authy app
Secondly, consider installing Authy applications. It allows you to automatically make backups of all your 2FA accounts. In case of device loss or it's reset, you can make a recovery in a few simple steps.

Contact support
If you don't have secret 2FA keycode or it is not valid for some reason, contact our support or send an email to [email protected]

In order to reset 2FA password on your account, we must be sure, that you are it's owner. Attatch as much information aboout your account as possible to your request, for example:

  • Amounts or dates of your last 3Commas account balance transfers;
  • Subcribtion plan, date of it's registration or subscription expiry date;
  • Last SmartTrade and SmartBot delas: currency pairs, amounts, approximate time of opening and closing look this information up on exchanges, where you are using our services;

Why does the service place a sell order at such a low price?

It happens to guarantee that the position is closed. Actually, the coin is not really sold at this price; the actual price is determined by the market at the time the transaction is made. For example, the service places an order to sell 1 BCC at 0.00050000 at moment the buy book (Bid orders) looks like this:

  1. 0,4 BCC for 0,18 btc.
  2. 0,5& BCC for 0,179 btc.
  3. 2 BCC for 0,175 btc.

Thus, your 1 BCC will be sold:

  1. 0,4 BCC for 0,18 btc.
  2. 0,5 BCC for 0,179 btc.
  3. 0,1 BCC for 0,175 btc.

I sent money a long time ago, but the service has not credited it yet. Where is my money?

Exchange withdrawal fee. If you transfer money from an exchange, you need to consider the exchange commission for withdrawal. This must be added to the amount the service requests. For example: if the service requested 0.00362882 BTC and you sent BTC from Bittrex, then you must indicate the total of 0.00462882 (0.00362882 + 0.0010000) upon withdrawal.

Please note: double-check the amount the exchange sends after confirmation. In some cases, even after adding the commission, a figure lower than that which the service requested will be indicated in the total. In this case, add slightly to the withdrawal amount. The withdrawal can be a couple of points higher, but not lower. In the previous example, 0.00362885 would be better than 0.00362880.

For each new deposit, the service creates a new address, which will be active for 1 hour. This address can only be used once. Please do not use this address in the future. If you begin a deposit but do not complete the transfer in under an hour or so, begin the deposit procedure again.

If you pay an amount less than the selected deposit, YOUR PAYMENT WILL NOT BE CREDITED. In this case you will receive a message from 'Coin Payments' with instructions on how to return the transferred funds.

If you paid the required amount, but your payment was not credited, please email [email protected] or write to our support, and we will come up with a solution.

You can check the status of a deposit in the CoinPayments system. The link is located in the Status field, and in the Deposits table on the Deposit page. After the payment is made, your deposit will be updated; the deposit will appear in the transactions table in your balance.

Why did money disappear from my balance?

If your balance dips below zero or your deposit disappears sometime after you make it, then your deposit transaction was canceled by Coinpayments. This can occur for the following reasons:

  • The commission you used was too small and your transaction did not receive the required number of confirmations;
  • You forgot to consider the commission during the deposit or withdrawal from the exchange (the required deposit amount does not include commission — it must be added separately);
  • The required amount was transferred partially, but not completely.

If you spent the funds partially or completely in the time between the deposit and the cancellation, your balance may become negative, and you must repay it in order to continue to use the service. In this case, all open transactions will not be canceled and will be completed.

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