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Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched in 2013 as a fun alternative to the then new Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency that was dominating digital currency headlines. Dogecoin was designed to be difficult to create dedicated mining hardware for and to retain a subdued value so that it would be used primarily as a fun means of exchanging value online, as opposed to a serious form of value exchange used in formal transactions and businesses. The value of Dogecoin did rise significantly during the crypto boom and bust of 2018, but not to the level seen by many other coins. DOGE is currently in the top 30 by overall market cap.

Dogecoin was designed using the underlying Litecoin blockchain, which itself was intended to be an easier to mine and more decentralized cryptocurrency meant for more informal peer-to-peer payments. The mining plan for Dogecoin supports this effort of keeping the value of each DOGE coin low and allowing average users to mine it, with a semi-random mining reward system. That said, there have been periods where the low cost to mine and high value of individual DOGE tokens have led to concerted mining efforts from dedicated pools.

Dogecoin's more relaxed nature and early development has made it the subject of a number of headline-grabbing stories over its lifetime, and it has been the direct subject of warnings about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies from a number of major central banks and monetary regulators.

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