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We are a leading developer of crypto trading software, offering AI crypto trading  bots without coding. From Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to GRID and the Signal Bot with TradingView integration, we make professional-level trading accessible to all.

3Commas offers all-in-one solution for managing crypto assets across major exchanges, offering reliable trade execution, portfolio analytics, and more. With spot, margin, and options markets available, our software provides a comprehensive trading experience.

At 3Commas, our commitment revolves around providing customers with an undeniable advantage in the crypto markets, ensuring unmatched value in every trade.

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Our history

Initially, the service was created exclusively for personal use, but it quickly gained popularity among friends. Soon after, 3Commas became available to the general public. The concept of developing trading bots emerged, aiming to eliminate the necessity for manual price monitoring around the clock. Subsequently, the notion of automating trading on crypto exchanges became the fundamental cornerstone of the 3Commas software.

As the software attracted an increasing number of users, the focus naturally shifted towards enhancing the user experience and incorporating valuable community feedback. The benchmark of our development became synonymous with the satisfaction and success of our users. We excel at engaging with the community to gather feedback and offer features that align with their needs, and it is our users who often request advanced features.

Through dedication and innovation, 3Commas has achieved a leading position in the market, boasting the largest user base and forming strategic partnerships. Notably, 3Commas was the first software to integrate with Binance Broker, securing exclusive partnership agreements that further solidify our standing in the industry.

3Commas has cultivated a unique ecosystem where we share a symbiotic relationship with our user community. Their ideas and feedback inspire us to refine existing trading tools and develop new ones. This collaborative approach has earned us a reputation as a company that is not just responsive but consistently innovative.

Eight years into our journey, we hold steadfast to the principles that have fueled our success. We remain committed to delivering an amazing user experience, whether someone is just entering the world of crypto trading or is a seasoned professional seeking cutting-edge tools.

Our founders

Yuriy Sorokin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Mikhail Goryunov

Marketing Advisor & Co-Founder

Egor Razumovskii

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Andres Susi

Chief Business Development Officer & Co-Founder

Key Features of 3Commas

Cutting-Edge Trading Tools

Offers advanced features like Multi-Pair Bot, Multiple Take Profit/Stop Loss, Trailing Mechanisms, Backtesting, Auto-Reinvesting, and Built-In Indicators for an enriched trading experience

Security Measures

Safeguards your assets with Sign Center’s secure API key storage at both infrastructure and access levels. Enhance security through IP Whitelisting and streamline account authorization with Fast Connect for added protection and user convenience.

Progressive User Growth

Grow while you move from demo to live trading, with support of comprehensive educational materials. Select from diverse plans designed for users at various levels, ensuring a smooth progression from beginners to advanced crypto traders.

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Why do traders choose 3Commas?

“I have tried out different bots since 2021 in Arbitrage and Trading with 300hrs of accumulated experience with the top brands like Bitsgap, CryptoHopper, and 3Commas. By far, 3Commas is the best option out there due to its user-friendly interface, transparency in transactions and reports, support 24/7, and vast knowledge available on the ins and outs of the software.”

“Love the software’s convenience, allowing me to manage most of my crypto portfolios from one spot. Great software. Great convenience. Amazing uptime. Never had a problem in all my use.”

“I've been using 3commas for almost a year now. Mainly for DCA bots and Smart Trades. It has a fairly easy learning curve and you can find a lot of tutorials online. The development team keeps on adding stuff and making quality changes all the time. One of my favorite crypto trading tools. Safe trading and always DYOR.”

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