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3Commas offers you a smart terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Smart Trade is a set of features and TradingView trading indicators for advanced traders and beginners

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Simultaneous viewing of currency exchange rate charts and Trading View signals with deal parameters in the same window
What is the difference between Smart Trade from the regular exchange trading terminal?
Simultaneous Take Profit and Stop Loss
Closing a deal when the specified price is reached, simultaneously with closing the deal when the price drops to or below the specified level.
Stepwise profit making with Step Sell
Selling coins in parts when price rises. For example, selling 50% of coins for $10,000, 25% for $11,000 and 25% for $11,500.
Trading View charts and signals
Simultaneous viewing of currency exchange rate charts and Trading View signals with deal parameters in the same window.
Trailing mechanism for Take Profit and Stop Loss
Automatically change closing value of the deal when the price changes. For example, when the price rises, Take Profit and Stop Loss simultaneously increase.
Smart Cover
The possibility of making a profit in case of unplanned market movement, by selling coins and buying them back.
Steps to use Smart Trade
Connect the exchange
Launch the selected trading strategy
Track the statistics
Optimize your trading:
buy and sell coins in the same trading terminal.
Simple and functional.
Professional tools for cryptocurrency exchange trading
Trailing buy
Аctivates if set price value is reached.
When activated it begins to monitor price decreasing for Smart Trade and price increasing for Smart Cover. The trailing level always differs from the price to constant set value. If price outbreaks the level, Smart Trading buying, and Smart Cover selling started.
Trailing Take Profit
Activates after the set profit level is reached.
After activation, it starts to monitor the price movement. For Smart Trade and Smart Sell, it reacts on only the price moves up, and for Smart Cover - only when the price moves down. The trailing-take-profit level always remains unchanged. When the price crosses this level, it works with coins for sale in Smart Trade and Smart Sell. In Smart Cover coin buying will start work.
Trailing Stop Loss
Activates immediately after the creation of Smart Sell, the fact of purchase in Smart Trade, and the fact of sale in Smart Cover.
It will follow the price up for Smart Trade and Smart Sell. When using Smart Cover, it will follow the price down. Always remains at the specified price deletion. It will always remain at the specified distance from the price.
The trading terminal supports 23 popular crypto exchanges

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