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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork coin from the original Bitcoin (BTC) that was intended to provide a faster and cheaper version of the original cryptocurrency that would be more useful for smaller transactions. Bitcoin Cash was forked from the original coin in August of 2017, with the value of each new Bitcoin Cash coin being worth a flat rate of 0.5 of the original. Each block on the new blockchain operated on 8mb of transaction data, which is 8 times the rate for the original digital currency. The value of Bitcoin Cash has largely shadowed that of Bitcoin since its inception, and it is in the top 5 digital currencies by market cap.

As Bitcoin became increasingly popular, its inability to keep up with transaction demand became a serious problem for many users. While those users who made a small number of large transactions could afford the time and fees involved, it became increasingly inefficient for users who wished to make a greater number of smaller transactions. Users did have the option of paying a greater fee to move their transactions higher up the queue, but this would result in absurd situations where they ended up paying more in fees than the total value of the transaction itself.

The Bitcoin Cash fork directly addressed this issue by dramatically increasing the processing power of the underlying blockchain. It has since been adopted by most major cryptocurrency exchanges, and often rivals the original coin in terms of mining profitability and dedicated hashing power.

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