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NULS (NULS) is a cryptocurrency and an open-source public blockchain that is intended to act as a central hub for the development of private sidechains that store critical information on the public chain. The underlying architecture of the main blockchain is similar to Ethereum with the use of a system similar to Smart Contracts and Proof of Stake (PoS) verification with some key differences. The most important feature of the platform is that the central blockchain is periodically upgraded through a consensus process based on advances that are made on the associated private blockchains.

The value of NULS has been largely determined by the overall crypto price boom of 2018. The coin launched directly into this early ramp up in general cryptocurrency prices, and it rose alongside most other digital currencies. The coin then fell alongside the rest of the market, only to spike back in price again soon after. It has since trailed off to a price level similar to its initial launch price. It is now a top 200 cryptocurrency by market cap.

NULS uses a new Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus system for validating transactions and governing changes to the main public blockchain. Users can lock their coins into the blockchain to gain control over future developments of the main public blockchain.

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