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Welcome to the 3Commas January feature update!

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Optimize your Grid bot in under 7 seconds 

There is a new Optimize button you can see after running a Grid Bot backtest.

What it does is take your High/Low settings and run a series of 120-day backtests in order to find the best Step for your bot. Imagine doing it manually - that’s quite a lot of tedious work!

The optimizer will only update your bot’s settings if the new result is better than your initial backtest.

Our GRID Bot comes with a really strong combination of pre-optimized settings for each pair, asymmetric grid structure, and the Trailing function. 

If you still prefer to choose your own grid ranges, the new Optimize function will allow you to adjust the pair’s volatility, just like if you were still using the default pre-optimized setup for the selected pair. 

And it only takes 6-7 seconds to improve your bot!

Asymmetric Grid bot - Why is it important?

We’ve got an interesting new style of Grid Bot for you. The asymmetric grid structure (5 Sell levels + 95 Buy levels) is now available by default in your grid.

The grid bot was originally made for sideways markets, so how can we make it work for a rising market? 

We did a little brainstorming and added the Trailing Up function, allowing you to:

  • Minimize the need to buy the base currency when starting a bot
  • Avoid missed profits due to selling a rising currency (in case it is rising)
  • Minimize the losses in case the base currency is falling
  • Expand the grid range downwards, increasing the bot’s uptime and potential profits, too.

In other words, the less base currency you have, the better, that’s why we now always put a 5/95 grid on your screen. This plus the Trailing Up feature is, in our opinion, the recipe for a potentially good grid trading strategy.

Get a pre-optimized Grid bot for each pair by scanning for trading opportunities

Whenever you click the ‘Pair’ field in your Grid bot, you will now see that there is a huge list of pairs sorted by 120-day backtest results.

To make this list, we run a series of backtests for each pair with standardized settings. Then we publish the result of the best setup for each pair.

When you click a pair in this list, the optimized settings are automatically selected in the bot launcher interface, saving you the tedious work of running dozens of backtests before starting a bot. 

You can also filter the raw list of pairs to find better trading opportunities:

  • Strong Buy and Buy signals by TradingView Technicals indicator
  • <30 and <20 RSI values (i.e. oversold signals).

These filters can be combined so you can narrow the selection of pairs.

We will be adding additional sophisticated filters over time to give you the capability of quickly finding optimal trading pairs and reducing the amount of research required to start a bot that has a higher probability of success. 

At the moment, if you’re using your Binance or Paper Trading accounts you can automatically create a pre-optimized bot, and we’ll be bringing this feature to other exchanges as soon as we can. 

Trailing Stop Loss for DCA Bot is here! 

We’ve had this feature for a smaller exchange for a while, and you guys and gals have been telling us you want it for every exchange.

Okay, you win. Here it is. 

For those who don’t know, Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) helps reduce losses or retain more profits by moving the Stop Loss (SL) level as the price level moves. Under the right market dynamics, it can even turn a profit if the timing is perfect. The bot watches the price of the coin. As long as the price is going up, TSL will follow it up. If the price starts to fall and hits your TSL threshold, the bot will execute a market order on the exchange account to close the deal rather than keeping it open and, potentially, have you holding red bags. Unlike Trailing Take Profit, which has to hit a threshold before it kicks in, Trailing Stop Loss works unconditionally from the time the bot is activated.

So now, rather than having a static SL that requires monitoring and adjustment if the market is moving up, you can turn on TSL and increase the odds of having your bots exit the market with a lot more of your profit intact if the market drops.

Couple of details you should be aware of: 

  • TSL won’t activate if its price is past the liquidation price
  • You can only have Trailing Take Profit or Trailing Stop Loss active, not both
  • You can’t add safety orders to deals with TSL enabled
  • When the active TSL level moves higher than a placed safety order, it cancels the safety order

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