Automated reinvesting & risk reduction upgrades for DCA Bots


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Trading using DCA Bots on 3Commas just became more powerful than ever. 

We’ve released a major update (explained below) that gives you more control over how your DCA Bot operates when markets are trending up and down. 

These changes mean it’s now easier than ever to set your DCA Bot up to automatically take advantage when prices are rising — and automatically protect your capital when they’re trending lower.

The update delivers three key changes:

  1. Automated Reinvesting: You can now set your DCA bots up to automatically reinvest a percentage of your realized profits. Your bot will calculate how much to reinvest based on the initial investment, then increase new deal sizes accordingly.

    When reinvesting, the DCA Bot will calculate the percentage of the reinvested funds relative to the initial investment (base order + safety orders). It will increase the new deal size (both base and safety orders) by that percentage.

    This feature is currently only available for Pro plan users. 

  1. Automated Risk Reduction: Just as you can now automatically reinvest profits, you can also set DCA bots to automatically protect your funds from further losses when the market’s going against you. Your bot will decrease future deal sizes based on past losses. 

  1. Increase to Safety Orders: Safety orders are another great tool for optimizing your DCA bot performance when prices are trending lower. We’ve doubled safety trades for DCA deals from 100 to 200, and increased the maximum count of active safety trades from 10 to 200. 

More About Trading With DCA Bots

A DCA strategy is the practice of investing at regular intervals to reduce risk. When you enter the market with a single deposit, you run the risk of purchasing highs and wind up at a loss when the price drops. However, you can invest in parts, reducing risks from the consequences of local price movements, distributing investments over time.

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