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API trading: the most efficient way to execute your trading strategy

Before the advent of the Internet, the telephone was every trader’s hottest tool. Because automatic trading did not yet exist,…

Practical Guides


The importance of DCA strategy during a market correction

When considering cryptocurrencies as a medium to long-term investment, many investors face the problem of choosing a suitable investment strategy….

Practical Guides


“Presets” or how to replicate successful PRO trades?

For successful trading and lucrative profits, you need to set the DCA bot’s parameters and conditions for it to follow…

Practical Guides


Utilizing Moving Averages in Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is often associated with high volatility or rapid and significant price changes. This means that there is a…

Practical Guides


Trend Continuation Patterns: Flags, Pennants and Triangles

The basis of successful trading is understanding fundamental market patterns. Patterns such as flags, pennants and triangles are used to…

Practical Guides


Trend Reversal Patterns: Double Top, Head & Shoulders, Rising Wedge

In our previous article we’ve described the downtrend reversal patterns and considered the best entry points, trading strategies and Stop…

Practical Guides






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