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3Commas 2023 Year in Review: Unleashing Advanced Features and Empowering Our Community

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2023 has been a remarkable year for 3Commas, despite crypto markets that have not been overly friendly to many traders. We have introduced a range of innovative features and initiatives that have significantly elevated the trading experience for our global community and provided many of them with tools that helped them turn flat markets into positive movements for their portfolios. 

Here's a comprehensive look at our major achievements:

Enhanced Security and Connection

  • IP Whitelisting, Sign Center, Fast Connect: Strengthening our security infrastructure to provide traders with peace of mind. 
  • Self-Generated RSA Key Support: Offering enhanced security for those using the 3Commas Developer API.
  • Fast Connect for Exchanges: Introducing a secure connection method for Binance, OKX, Bybit and Gate.io combining OAuth protocol with IP whitelisting for added security.

We worked with our exchange partners to quickly implement new protocols to respond to novel attack vectors. We believe customers should feel safe when trading crypto, and we’ve devoted substantial resources towards that goal this year. 

Revolutionary Trading Tools

  • DCA Bot Upgrades: Including trailing stop loss for more flexible trading and automated reinvesting for maximizing gains.
  • GRID Bot Enhancements: Significant improvements including an 'Optimize' button for backtesting, trailing up and down features, and a lowered minimum trading balance to $100.
  • Signal Bot: Our newest bot, Signal Bot is dedicated to making life easier for traders who rely on TradingView to provide them with market intelligence and signals.

Mobile Innovations

  • New Mobile Apps: Empowering traders with comprehensive tools on the go.
  • Competitive Subscription Plans: New pricing structures with affordable options for beginners and flexible subscription choices.

We listened extensively to feedback from users, and what we’ve delivered is a brand new 3Commas app that very closely matches the capabilities of the desktop UI. Having limited features was a fair criticism of our old app, but our new app addresses almost every concern and provides our users with a powerful toolkit for trading from their mobile devices. 

Community-Driven Initiatives

  • Referral Program Overhaul: Allowing traders to share DCA, GRID bots, and Smart Trades with friends outside the 3Commas community.
  • OKX End of Summer Trading Competition: A thrilling competition with substantial cash prizes, leveraging 3Commas' tools.

Exchange Partnerships and Expansions

  • New Exchanges: Welcoming Coinbase Advanced and Bitget Futures to our platform.
  • Bybit USDT Futures Hedge Mode: Enhancing support for Grid Bots and Multi-pair DCA Bots with Bybit’s new v5 API.

Our exchange partners are lovely to work with, and our traders appreciate it when we’re able to offer them new tools and new exchanges to use them on. Through close cooperation with our friends at Coinbase, Bitget, Bybit, and more, we’ve managed to add a lot of functionality to many of our users’ favorite exchanges in 2023. 

User Interface, Experience and Subscription Enhancements

  • Product Tours: For all bots and Smart Trade features, improving user understanding and engagement.
  • Dashboard and Web Interface Improvements: Offering smoother navigation and more intuitive management of exchanges and subscriptions.
  • SmartTrades Updates: Streamlining the interface for faster use and providing flexible TP and SL settings.
  • New Subscription plan options, refined plans and competitive pricing driven from feedback from our amazing user community.

These improvements were all about making life easier for you and your fellow traders. No one likes using a clunky interface, and 3Commas is constantly working to evolve the trading experience we offer our users. 

Educational Initiatives

  • Trailing Stop Feature: Educating users on the importance of this feature to secure returns efficiently in the volatile crypto market.
  • DCA Bots Strategies Guide: Providing insights into various strategies to maximize returns and minimize risks.
  • 3Commas Academy: We did a series of videos covering most of the core questions new users have, such as how to set up a basic DCA or Grid Bot, how to use Smart Trade, and more. You can check them out on our YouTube channel. 

Roadmap for Future Innovation of Signal Bot

Significant internal discussion and analysis of user behavior went into deciding the starting core features of Signal Bot, but when developing any new tool it’s almost impossible to fit every idea and use case into the initial product release. What you will find below is a list of the features that are currently on our development roadmap for Signal Bot: 

1. Master Bot Cloning

In the future, users will be able to copy a Master bot and receive the same signals, making it seamless to emulate successful strategies without the need for a TradingView account.

2. Bot Annotation

Adding notes to your bot will soon be possible, helping you organize and remember which TradingView alerts your bot is set to listen to.

3. Centralized Notification Hub

An upcoming feature will allow access to a page with all notifications and event logs from all bots. This will be invaluable for traders managing multiple strategies to filter and react to notifications effectively.

4. Simplified Investment Sizing

Setting investment sizes as a percentage of total or free quote balance is on the horizon, streamlining the investment process by replacing more complex features.

5. Multi-Account Management

Imagine managing multiple accounts with a single bot. This feature is in the works, promising to bring unparalleled convenience to users handling various portfolios.

6. Advanced Signal Declination

Automatically declining signals with a Min-Max Price Filter will add an extra layer of risk management to your trades.

7. Signal Combination Logic

Combine signals with "And / Or" logic for automatic acceptance, enhancing strategy complexity and potential profitability.

8. Position Management Enhancements

Soon, you'll be able to create a trade for an existing position and link it to the Signal Bot. This functionality is geared towards restoring trades or transitioning positions from other bots like DCA or GRID.

9. Smart Trade Templates

Signal Bot will soon be able to open trades with smart templates for users who prefer to keep minimal logic in their strategy script. This allows for multiple take profits and the ability to move stop-loss orders to break-even, thus optimizing potential gains. While the current Signal Bot doesn’t automate multiple take profits, it can handle multiple exit alerts if the user sends the exit signal for each exit. 

10. Signal Count-Based Approval

An innovative feature will allow the bot to act on a sequence of signals, such as entering a long position on the receipt of the fifth signal after four prior signals.

11. Marketplace Integration

Have a successful bot? The roadmap includes the option to sell your Signal Bot in the 3Commas Marketplace, opening a new revenue stream for savvy traders.

12. Balance-Based Investment Sizing

Setting investment size as a percentage of your balance will soon be possible, offering a more nuanced control over trade allocations.

13. Combined Backtesting with Built-in Indicators

The roadmap includes an exciting feature where traders will be able to perform a combined backtest of their signal history with the platform's built-in indicator history. This integration aims to provide a more comprehensive analysis, enabling traders to refine their strategies with historical performance insights.

14. Signal History Import for Combined Backtesting

Another anticipated feature is the ability to import signals history to perform a combined backtest with the built-in indicator history or TradingView strong buy signal history. This functionality is designed to give traders a powerful tool for assessing the effectiveness of signals over time, against various market indicators.

15. Signal History Export

The ability to export your signal history is on the way, allowing for in-depth analysis and record-keeping outside the platform.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the year, it's clear that 2023 has been a time of significant growth and innovation at 3Commas. We've not only expanded our feature set but also deepened our commitment to providing a secure, user-friendly, and cutting-edge trading platform. These enhancements underscore our dedication to empowering traders, regardless of their experience level. We're excited for what the future holds and remain focused on evolving and adapting in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.