GRID bot helps you to automatically take profit with little effort. Simply choose a coin and initial investment, and the bot will buy when the price drops and sell when it rises.

Learn more about the GRID Bot features

GRID Bot is amazing for both experienced and novice traders

An intuitive interface helps you to quickly and easily launch the first time

Select a coin
and your investment amount

Set the range
in which your bot will purchase and sell

Adjust your strategy
for maximum efficiency

The goal of GRID bot is to arrange a grid of orders in a given range, hence the name - “GRID”.

Steps to use the GRID Bot

Connect your exchange
Choose a bot mode (AI/Manual)
Run the selected strategy

Adjust your GRID bot via two simple options

How the GRID bot works in the “AI Strategy” mode.

1. The bot analyzes price volatility on your selected token for the last 7 days and forms price channels and price extremes for trading;

2. GRID bot divides the investment amount in the bot between the left and right side of the selected pair and sets up a limit buy and sell order grid within the channel. Once the price reaches a buy or sell line it will automatically perform the trade on your behalf.