3Commas Trading Academy

Want to learn how to predict market movements and make money on it using bots? The 3Commas Academy is perfect for you and will help you become more profitable with cryptocurrency trading!

This training course is suitable for:

Traders of any level



How does this training work?

From basic cryptocurrency trading terms to full customization of the 3Commas services

15 free video tutorials, 15-20 minutes long

Online self-learning at a convenient pace

Friendly community of professional traders

Learning processes and bot settings support

Technical Analysis materials, both relevant and proven to work well in practice

Course structure

Block 1
How to start trading cryptocurrency?

1. Types of profits, bot trading and risks

2. The concept of cryptocurrency and types of profits

3. How to store cryptocurrency?

4. Where to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

5. Cryptocurrency services

Block 2
First steps in crypto trading

1. Signing up, safety and verification on the exchange

2. Buying and selling cryptocurrency on the exchange

3. Operating principles of the trading terminal, orders and order book

4. Signing up and learning about 3Commas.io

5. Connecting 3Commas to your exchange via API

Block 3
Learn bot trading with 3Commas.io

1. Long Bot + Bollinger Bands Strategy

2. Choosing trading pairs

3. Setting up a Single-pair bot

4. Bot launch and "My trades"

5. Short bot

6. Technical Analysis materials

Block 4
Learn bot trading with 3Commas.io

1. Multi-pair bots, Marketplace

2. Automatic bots, Gordon + Grid

3. Other trading strategies

4. Exit methods

5. SmartTrade Terminal

6. Technical Analysis materials

Video tutorials are available to all members of the community!


This is a very interesting course. A lot of useful information for those who just start to learn crypto trading.

— Victor S.

Figured out all the tools on this platform thanks to this course!

— Alex R.

An excellent, perfectly structured course, I liked the blocks about cryptocurrency and exchanges for beginners. The block with technical analysis information helped a lot.

— Mike