Grid Bot

Grid bot allows you to take profit spending fewer efforts: just choose a coin and investment amount for start, the bot will buy when the price drops and sell when it grows.

Run the bot
Grid Bot is available both for experienced and novice traders
An intuitive interface allows you to quickly launch the first bot
Choose a coin
and investment amount
Set the range
in which your bot will work
Adjust your strategy
for maximum efficiency
The essence of Bot’s work is to arrange the grid of orders in a given range, hence the name - Grid (from the English “Grid”)
Steps to use the Grid Bot
Connect the exchange
Choose a bot mode
Run the selected strategy
Adjust your first bot in two clicks
To start the bot, you will need to sign up and add the exchange API keys
How the Grid bot works in the “AI strategy” mode.
  • 1.The bot estimates coin volatility for the last 7 days and forms price channel and price extremes for trade;
  • 2.Grid bot splits the amount invested in the bot between the left and right side of the selected pair and sets up limit buy and sell orders grid within the selected channel. Thus, once the price reaches one of the lines above the current price, the bot will sell, taking profits. The price goes down – it will buy.
In the manual mode, you can independently adjust the price range, the number of grids and the distance between them. It allows you to improve your trading strategy if you have the relevant knowledge.