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Automate your crypto trading on one of the top 10 most trusted exchanges in the world when you connect to 3Commas. 

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3Commas exists to help traders make the most of the market’s opportunities. Our DCA, Grid, and Smart Bots execute your crypto trading strategy at scale.

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The 3Commas dashboard displays your performance across all your connected exchange accounts, allows you to buy crypto, rebalance your portfolio and more. 

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Our partnership with includes Fast Connect — an advanced integration method that automatically creates and binds API keys and whitelists them to official 3Commas IP addresses. 

Reviews of 3Commas

One of the best websites to create and use a bot with a good accuracy and sustainability. I recommend it for traders of all types and sizes.

– Ronnie on

I’m new and already making great gains with the terrific help of customer support. Great job!

– Jesse Ali on

I use 3Commas for DCA Bot Trading. Love it. Even if it goes the 'wrong' way, I let the DCA Bot action work the deal until it goes the 'right' way.

– Mohamed on

Adding To Your 3Commas Account

Start using our DCA, GRID and Smart Bots on by following these steps.

Step 1. In the 3Commas app, connect an exchange from your Dashboard page.

Step 2. Click the logo in the menu.

Step 3. Use the Fast Connect option and follow the prompts for the fastest connection (you can also create a account from here if you haven’t already).


Select ‘Connect with API keys’ to complete the connection manually — being sure to follow the prompts for whitelisting 3Commas’ IP address for security purposes. 

Step 4. Once your connection is complete, you’re ready to launch your first bots on your newly-connected exchange account!

Deploy Powerful Trading Bots On With 3Commas

3Commas empowers more than 160,000 traders to manage and build their cryptocurrency portfolios with trading bots for every type of market.

DCA Bots

DCA, or Dollar Cost Averaging, is a strategy for achieving optimal entry and exit points for trading positions.

As the market goes up or down, a DCA bot can make profits by buying at specific levels, then selling the bumps.

3Commas users can set up a DCA bot to take advantage of bear or bull markets with 


The 3Commas Grid Bot is the ideal bot for markets where the price is bouncing between resistance and support levels.

A Grid Bot chooses a top line below the resistance level, a bottom line above the support level,and then starts with a line in between. As the price moves down below the median line, the bot will buy a predetermined amount at each grid line. As the price moves up and hits grid lines, the bot will sell a predetermined quantity. 

3Commas users can set up a GRID bot to trade with 

Smart Bots

Smart Bots seek to make trades when the market bounces back after a price drop, and there is a higher likelihood of making a profit. It scans dozens of coin pairs seeking out trade opportunities and chooses the best one, 24/7.

Trained on 20 years of experience with technical analysis and data science, the 3Commas Smart Bot requires zero knowledge to launch on 

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