Recurring Payment Policy

This Recurring Payment Policy is effective as of August 28, 2023.

For definitions of capitalized terms, refer to the Terms of Use. 

1. For issues related to payments or refunds, consult the 3Commas Help Center. To request assistance, contact 3Commas Support through the “Contact Us”/”Support” form or email [email protected].

2. Authorization. By agreeing to this policy, you authorize 3Commas Technologies OÜ (“3Commas”) to charge your specified default payment method, whether it's a Visa, Mastercard, or other payment card, or your PayPal account (including linked cards and bank accounts) every 30 days (also referred to as ‘monthly’ or ‘on a month-to-month basis’) or every year (also referred to as ‘annual’ or ‘on a year-to-year basis’), as chosen when subscribing.

3. Payment Processing:

4. Acceptance. By agreeing to this policy, you confirm:

  • Prior to each subscription purchase, you will be informed about the payment amount, frequency, and the first payment date.
  • You are not under a jurisdiction prohibiting the use of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Paddle, or other payment institutions.
  • You provided correct and full payment information to 3Commas.
  • You have authorized 3Commas to conduct recurring transactions on your behalf.
  • You accept responsibility for all recurring payment obligations until the subscription's cancellation.

5. Payment Method Verification. You confirm that your specified payment method:

  • If the payment card is legally owned by you or you have rights to use it on behalf of an entity.
  • If PayPal is an account registered by you or you have the right to use it on behalf of an entity.
  • Has adequate credit/funds.
  • Is operational and not compromised.

6. Automatic Charges. Payments will be processed on the due date or within a few days thereafter. Initially, you'll be notified about upcoming transactions 4 days in advance. A second notification will be sent 2 days prior to the charge. Notifications will be issued by our merchant record,

7. Payment Failures. In case of payment failure due to reasons like insufficient funds, card expiration, or account suspension, we'll reattempt as follows:

For general payments and payments via our merchant record Paddle: We'll retry after three days.

For AppStore: We'll retry after sixteen days.

For Google Play: We'll retry after seven days.

After three consecutive failed attempts within these time frames, recurring payments will be automatically canceled. Access to the Software's paid features might require a new subscription for activation.

8. Cancellation. You can cancel your Software subscription anytime via the Software, Apple, or Google interface. No refunds will be issued for the current subscription period, and the final active day will be the day before the next payment date.