HitBTC Trading Bot

The HitBTC trading bot for 3Commas provides an advanced management interface for any trading done on this exchange. With the help of our 3Commas cutting-edge automation bots you can easily build your own automated trading strategies with a range of advanced order types that the exchange itself does not offer for your use.

What Is HitBTC?

HitBTC was one of the first advanced trading platforms on the market dedicated solely to crypto-to-crypto trades. It now supports sophisticated and automated crypto traders with a large number of major coins, such as Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC), and alt coins. While it does not support fiat currency trading, it is possible to buy various cryptocurrencies with fiat money that will then be placed directly in your exchange wallet. HitBTC is at the forefront of exchange technology for digital assets, making it one of the most popular destinations for traders who use crypto bots.

What Is a 3Commas Trading Bot?

At 3Commas we provide a trading management platform with an advanced interface that supports many of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Through the use of the 3Commas interface and API keys from HitBTC you can create a variety of algorithms for the automation of your trading strategies, which includes long, short, composite (multi-pair) and QFL (Quickfinger Luc) bots.

Any 3Commas automated tool can be back-tested directly from our management interface.

Clients also have the ability to use proven algorithms built for crypto trading by other 3Commas clients.

3Сommas plans

Access to the platform features depends on the plan. Choose one that suits you most: starter, advanced or professional.

What Are the Advantages of a 3Commas HitBTC Trading Bot?

This trading interface races ahead of our competition because of its large number of automation tools and its simple and intuitive layout.

While many algorithm development tools will be either too simple or too complex for anyone but a programmer, 3Commas perfected the algorithm interface so that we have the absolute best option on the market for users from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

What Are HitBTC’s Trading Fees?

HitBTC uses a highly competitive maker/taker fee system that ranges from 0.2% to 0% based on monthly user trade volume. At higher volumes, maker orders can even receive a negative fee rate, which means that it pays users to place maker orders on their books.

Are There Free Trials Available?

Every customer gets a free trial when they sign up!

How Do I Download 3Commas Software?

You are never required to download software when you use the 3Commas interface. You have access to our trading management software directly from your browser.

How Do I Connect My 3Commas Interface to HitBTC Using an API?

We made a useful step-by-step tutorial here that walks our customers through the act of creating their HitBTC API key and shows how they can use it in combination with their 3Commas trading interface.

Are There Any Risks to Using a 3Commas HitBTC Trading Bot?

No, 3Commas software does not add any risks or potential security breaches to an existing system.

HitBTC API keys do not read user security data, just the exchange trading data.

Be sure that you have turned the funds withdrawal option off when you generate the API key for an added layer of security.

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