This Refund Policy is effective as of October 25, 2018.

In case of any issues related to a payment or refund for the payment, please review the information found at the 3commas Help Center and request 3commas Support via “Contact Us”/”Support” form or email

To apply for a refund for any reason, please follow the QUICK REFUND procedure before contacting any third party payment service provider (PSP) or bank. Please fill out this QUICK REFUND FORM. If you’re eligible for a refund in accordance with this Refund Policy, the refund will be processed as soon as possible.


1. General Rule:

The Software and software-based services provided by 3commas are ‘digital services’ in the notation of European Union legislation. As a general rule, taking into account your possible opportunity to try the Software for free within the trial period, a refund is not granted after you have obtained access to the Software. However we reserve the right to review every inquiry on a case-by-case basis.

2. We will NOT provide a refund if:

  1. 3commas has a reasonable suspicion your Client Account has been used for fraudulent activity;
  2. 3commas is required by law to suspend any financial transactions associated with your Client Account;
  3. you have violated the Client Terms of Use;
  4. if the Software was unavailable for the technical reasons with prior notification sent to you by email or displayed to you at the website or mobile application.
  5. the payment at issue was made more than one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days ago.

4. We WILL provide full refund if:

  1. You were not granted access to the Software, or your subscription was not activated within twenty-four (24) hours after full payment was successfully received due to any technical reasons under 3commas responsibility;
  2. The payment was erroneously performed more than once within our control: (a) for any services or products with identical functionalities, and (b) for the same period of usage, and (c) the time interval between repeated payment transactions is no more ten (10) minutes..

To receive a refund, requests must be submitted within twenty four (24) hours after the original payment was made in relation to paragraphs 4(a) and 4(b).

5. We WILL provide a partial refund if:

  1. You chose a longer subscription period in error (for example: three (3) months instead of (1) month). In these instances, your refund will be prorated, and any discounts that were applied when you subscribed to the Software will be subtracted from the amount we owe you. We will account for partial months in our refund calculation.
  2. The Software was unavailable for a consecutive two (2) hour period because of technical reasons within our control, and without prior notification to you (an “Outage”). In these instances, your refund will be calculated as 1/30 of the monthly subscription price you paid in the month when the Outages occurred for every calendar day when such incidents took place.
  3. You haven’t used the Software (including, but not limited to: visiting of website, launching of mobile application, making requests via API etc. with your Client Account credentials) for several last consecutive periods of subscription. In this case the refundable amount is unused pre-paid amount (excluding current period), and any discounts that were applied when you subscribed to the Software will be subtracted from the amount we owe you.

To receive a partial refund, requests must be submitted within twenty four (24) hours after:

  • the original payment was made in relation to paragraphs 5(a) and 5(c);
  • the Outage was eliminated in relation to paragraph 5(b).

6. Final Provisions:

  1. A full description of Software subscriptions and included services is available in Help Center at
  2. You may take advantage of a refund for each disputed payment only once. If partial or full refund is already made then you shall have no right to further contest a refund request or dispute or transaction reversal with 3commas or a third-party payment service provider, bank or financial institution.
  3. We may provide you with a discount for future services, an extra subscription period or subscription upgrade with a significantly greater benefit instead of a payment refund.
  4. Please note, that standard procedure can take up to thirty (30) days to review a refund request, while QUICK REFUND procedure can take from a few hours. If a refund is confirmed, the time required to make the refund is based on your payment service provider’s terms and policies.
  5. 3commas is not responsible for any fees that may be applied by your payment service provider when processing a refund.