“Presets” or how to replicate successful PRO trades?


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For successful trading and lucrative profits, you need to set the DCA bot’s parameters and conditions for it to follow the desired strategies. Thanks to the new “Preset” function, there is no need to set up bots and manually analyze the market anymore.

In today’s article, we will talk about these presets which allow you to implement the strategies used by other traders’ bots and describe the steps you should take to start using tuned bots right away.


Presets are parameters for DCA bots configured by other traders. Every 3Commas platform user can use presets for bots to automatically trade on desired exchanges.

The main advantage of using preset bots is their ease of use and the ability to benefit from other traders’ strategies.

This feature expands the possibilities of using the platform, as well as simplifies the process of creating trading bots. Instead of wasting time analyzing the market and setting up bots, users can use presets based on profit data and preferred trading style.

Finding suitable presets

To start using customized bots, click on “Presets” in the “DCA Bot” tab.

Specify the appropriate parameters to search for bots on the “Bot presets” page. To do so, choose your preferred exchange, traded asset, trading pairs, conditions to start deals, types of bots and strategies, and select the necessary timeframe and profit ratio.

Following the strategy

After you have chosen the search parameters, the page will display all the bots and brief information about each of them: last month’s profit, number of assets traded and the number of users who have copied the settings. Select the bot and click “Copy Bot“.

After selecting a suitable bot, you will get access to all available trading statistics and the bot’s configurations. Allocate the desired amount of funds for the bot to trade and press “Start“.

Changing the configurations of the set bots

If the selected preset DCA bot does not quite suit you, you prefer to change some parameters or want to learn more about the selected preset settings, you can do so both when adding a bot and after its launch.

To view or change the bot’s settings when adding one, please select “Edit settings” on the statistics page. This will grant you access to the bot’s configurations.

The bot appears on the “My bots” page, where you can learn more about your bots and change their settings.

To change the bot’s settings after adding one, click “Edit” in the “Action” column on the “My bots” page.

For more information about setting up DCA bots, please use the instructions located here.