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Dent (DENT)

Dent (DENT) is a cryptocurrency and mobile data exchange platform that was brought to market in late 2017. The platform allows users to buy and sell data from their mobile plans using DENT as a medium of exchange. The platform uses a similar system as the Ethereum blockchain to create contracts that provide details of the mobile data being offered: the providing company, the amount of data, the expiry date and so on. It then lists bid and asking prices, and clears transactions when these two prices for a data plan meet.

The value of Dent remained low leading into the market-wide 2018 crypto boom. This coin saw a massive explosion in value, peaking at approximately 80 times its value going into the crypto boom, which is far beyond the highs seen in most other digital currencies. It then subsequently fell just as dramatically back down to pre-crypto boom levels. It is now a top 70 cryptocurrency by overall market cap.

The exchange offers an extremely advanced interface for the trading and portfolio management of data packages. Many professional traders would feel at home trading data packages in this platform, it is that advanced. This has allowed the emergence of users who strictly trade data plans for a profit, as opposed to simply looking to buy and sell a small amount of data for personal use.

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