3commas vs Cryptohopper: Which Cryptocurrency Trading Bot is Better?


Discover the key differences and similarities between 3commas vs Cryptohopper, two leading cryptocurrency trading bot software. Make an informed decision about your trading strategy.

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The world of cryptocurrency trading is no longer reserved for tech-savvy individuals or financial experts. With the rise of automation software, even novices can navigate the tumultuous waters of crypto trading. Two software that have risen to prominence in this sphere are 3Commas and Cryptohopper. In this blog, we aim to offer an insightful comparison of the two, starting with a brief overview of each.

3Commas would like to make it clear that this comparison is only based on publicly available information. 3Commas offers more tools than Cryptohopper, but our employees are not users of the Cryptohopper software so we are not comparing the user experience.

Company Overviews

Founded in 2017, 3Commas is a comprehensive crypto trading software that offers a wide array of tools for traders of all expertise levels. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and strong community backing, it has quickly become a favorite amongst crypto enthusiasts.

Launched in 2017, Cryptohopper started as a personal tool before evolving into a community-driven software. It focuses on automating trading strategies and has amassed a significant user base, thanks to its intuitive design and robust features.

Service Offerings


  • Backtesting for Strategies: This feature allows traders to test their strategies using past data, a crucial step before deploying real capital.
  • Multipair DCA Bots: Users can deploy Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) across multiple pairs, diversifying risks and increasing potential success.
  • Ready-made Strategies for Grid and DCA: Catering to those not keen on developing their own strategies, 3Commas offers pre-set strategies for various trading methods.

While it provides robust trading solutions, Cryptohopper's primary focus remains on automated trading bots, mirror trading, and strategy designing. The software lacks certain functionalities like backtesting, which 3Commas offers.

User Base and Volume

3Commas, with its larger user base and higher trading volume, establishes its dominance in the industry. A bigger community often translates to shared insights, strategies, and discussions – an invaluable resource for traders.

Referral Programs

3Commas introduces a 3-level referral program, offering a potential passive income stream. The tiered system rewards users for every referral, increasing growth potential. Cryptohopper's referral program, while present, isn't as layered or rewarding.

Pricing and Plans

Operating on a tiered subscription model, 3Commas offers:

  1. Starter: For beginners with basic functionalities.
  2. Advanced: For more serious traders with additional algorithms.
  3. Pro: A comprehensive package for seasoned traders.

With a monthly subscription model, Cryptohopper divides its offerings into:

  1. Explorer: Targeted towards beginners.
  2. Adventure: For the intermediate traders with enhanced features.
  3. Hero: A complete package for expert traders.

Both software are competitively priced, but it's the value derived from the features that makes the real difference.


In the showdown between 3Commas and Cryptohopper, both software shine in their unique ways. However, with backtesting, multipair DCA bots, a significant user base, a lucrative referral program, and ready-made strategies, 3Commas offers compelling advantages.

To encapsulate, 3Commas provides:

  • Comprehensive trading tools for all levels of traders.
  • A vast community of users leading to a rich pool of shared knowledge.
  • A potential passive income source through its referral program.

While Cryptohopper holds its ground with a strong set of tools and an intuitive software, for traders seeking a blend of advanced features and community-driven insights, 3Commas seems to have an edge.