How to profit from a falling crypto market


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The falling market offers opportunities to profit. Here are some ways to benefit from a downtrend:


If you trade futures, you can benefit from the downwards movement by opening a SmartShort.

Take Profit should be set below the current price, and there can be several Take Profits! Profits will be delivered in batches. 

You can use leverage to increase profits, but be careful as high leverage could lead to a liquidation that will wipe you out.

You can use Trailing to enter a position at a better price. 

Stop Loss is used to protect the position from liquidation. With a Stop Loss is enabled, you can use the trailing or breakeven function. If the price does not reach a take profit and reverses, the trade will still be closed at a profit or no loss.

If you are trading on the spot market, you can use Smart Cover. This tool allows you to sell an existing coin and buy it back cheaper in increments as the price moves down. This way, you will have a better average entry price, and when the market turns around, you will be able to sell the coin at a higher price.

All of the features described above are also available here.


In the terminal, by selecting a futures exchange, you can also open a short position, set an unlimited number of orders to increase short positions (averaging), a number of orders to fix profits (take profit), and limit losses (stop loss).

By selecting a spot exchange account, you can place a grid of orders to buy a coin cheaper, and after the orders are executed, you can place a grid to sell the purchased coin at a higher price.

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