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Bytecoin (BCN)

Bytecoin (BCN) is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2012 as a fast and private alternative to Bitcoin (BTC). Unlike most private digital currencies that merely mask transaction details stored on the blockchain, the very operation of the underlying blockchain makes it impossible to establish these details. This coin continues to be upgraded by its anonymous developer team, making it a favorite cryptocurrency among the strong believers in the importance of decentralization. The value of Bytecoin remained steady for most of its lifespan, only spiking and falling alongside other digital currencies in 2018. It is now a top 50 coin by market cap.

Bytecoin is popular among crypto enthusiasts for its unrivalled privacy and security features, as well as its fast transaction times and ongoing upgrades including Smart Contracts and API integration for decentralized applications. It was also designed to have small unit value, so that it could better be used to facilitate small peer-to-peer payments and transactions.

Bytecoin was also designed to be resistant to dedicated ASIC mining, meaning that it is safer from 51% crypto mining attacks. It also has a built-in inflation feature that slowly increases the value of each coin as transactions are processed.

Bytecoin is available for trading on most major digital currency exchanges.

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