Ethereum Wallet

Soon you will be able to download the Ethereum wallet on 3Commas Wallet (the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallets). With the 3Commas Wallet, you will be able to send, store, buy and trade over 45 cryptocurrencies in one place not to mention access to a variety of trading and investment tools.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open access blockchain network designed to host the development of decentralized applications such as games, financial services, and other apps. The network features a native cryptocurrency (ETH) as well as smart contracts which are computer programs designed to digitally facilitate, verify and enforce the negotiations and agreements between peers.

Developers of decentralized applications use these smart contracts to create programmable blockchains hosted on the Ethereum network thus facilitating peer-to-peer transactions.

Ethereum's native cryptocurrency is similar to Bitcoin in that it can be used as a payment avenue. However, while Ethereum is Bitcoin-inspired, it features key differences. For instance, it is designed to host decentralized finance products making Ethereum a marketplace for dApps.

How the 3Commas Wallet integrates Ethereum

While there are several Ethereum wallet options available, the 3Commas Wallet features a simple and intuitive interface. This provides users a single wallet address for managing, trading, and accessing their ETH holdings.

3Commas Wallet features support for a variety of exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and ByBit to mention a few. This allows users enough variety whenever they need to switch from one exchange to the other to find favorable ETH trading prices.

3Commas Wallet also comes with a Dollar Cost Averaging bot that lets you divide your investments into smaller pieces when buying Ethereum. This is a great strategy for accumulating your Ethereum holdings, and now you can automate the entire strategy with the 3Commas Wallet.

Ethereum features

The entire Ethereum blockchain is built on the functionality enabled by programmable smart contracts. This has made Ethereum one of the biggest and fastest-growing blockchain projects for decentralized applications.. Here is a breakdown of what you can find with Ethereum.

Token standards

Ethereum comes with two main tokenization standards that help developers create composable smart contracts and dApps. The ERC-20 standard is used to create fungible tokens that can be used on dApps to vote or pay for goods services. The newer ERC-721 is designed for creating non-fungible tokens better known as NFTs. These NFTs can be programmed to have unique characteristics similar to physical collectible items.

Decentralized applications

A decentralized application is an application that does not rely on one central server for operations but instead relies on the architecture of distributed networks. DApps are self-governed, consensus-based, open-source programs where anyone can make contributions to code or design without needing permission from any centralized authority like Google Play Store. Ethereum is one of the biggest blockchains for hosting dApps.

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