3Commas Hackathon Winners Announced!


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Who came out on top? 

Our Hackathon to jumpstart our new App Store has concluded and we received some very high quality submissions. 3Commas would like to give a huge thank you to everyone in the community who participated by submitting an app or casting your vote for the contestants. Thank you so much, we appreciate all the hard work you guys and gals put into our first Hackathon. 

With our talented community sending us their new apps, it was tough to judge because of the large number of interesting ideas our judges saw. Between our in-house judges and the community survey we sent out, we narrowed it down and now we are proud to announce our winners.

Competition 1: Design a business tool that calls the 3Commas API. 

1st place: $1,000  

Winner: https://dca-grid.herokuapp.com/ This is an innovative hybrid DCA-Grid Bot. 

2nd place: $700

Winner: https://t.me/Nifty_Inks_bot This is a 3Commas Marketplace Alert Bot.

3rd place: $300

Winner: https://news.kasparsdev.eu/

Breaking news app that pulls live info from 3Commas and news sites. 

1st place: $1,000

Winner: https://3-commas-verse.vercel.app

Aggregates information on top 10 coins as well as exchange volumes and market cap. 

2nd place: $700

Winner: https://moonmarket.vercel.app/

Lots of news and stats for the SafeMoon exchange. 

3rd place: $300

Winner: https://paper-trading.liara.run/

Honorable Mention:

Community favorite: $250

Winner: https://paper-trading.liara.run/ Paper-trading app using virtual money. 

Most innovative code: $250

Winner: https://github.com/Zedonboy/BotCreator

Bot creation program. 

UX/UI magician: $250

Winner: https://paper-trading.liara.run/

Paper-trading app using virtual money. 

Meme-worthy: $250

Winner: https://tradeislife.herokuapp.com/ Meme submission