3Commas September Update - Binance Fast Connect and Additional SmartTrade Features


In September we released some new features for SmartTrade, including webooks and the ability to save trades to create a present, and we also added some handy upgrades and bug fixes to the iOS app. Let’s take a look at everything 3Commas brought to our traders in September. 

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Here’s why you should care… 

Previously with SmartTrade, users that wanted to create repetitive SmartTrades had to create each preset individually. Now, they can save time by creating a “template trade” where they simply copy and paste, make minor tweaks (if any), and start a new trade.

This upgrade also allows users to configure an external alert for when they want to start a new SmartTrade using the template settings. Equally, when they want to close the SmartTrade, they can simply send a message and the trade will close. 

Traders can also send a webhook, via a custom TradingView signal, to the preset to create a new trade. You can also send a webhook to close the trade with a market order. 

Pretty cool, huh?

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iOS upgrades

iOS users were in for a few treats last month:

  • Binance Fast Connect - users can now connect their Binance account directly to 3Commas and receive access to their trade history, balances, and have the ability to place orders on the exchange. 
  • Possibility to choose Euro for stats on the dashboard - predominantly trading in Euros? Now you can see all your trades in real-time value.
  • Delete inactive/turned-off bots 
  • Clear instructions on how to create an API key on the exchange connection screen
  • Personalized notification settings
  • Stop Loss will break even in SmartTrades

iOS fixes:

  • Face ID bugs
  • 3Commas blog in the news section
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Minor tweaks

  • We’ve added a deposit button on the OKX exchange page - similar to what you’ll find on the Binance page
  • We’ve also added a FOMO calculator to the HODL Bot creation page, so users can see the historial ROI of a coin over different time increments from the past 3 or 6 months, up to a year or 3 years!

Check out the new changes.

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