Our Major April GRID Bot Updates Explained


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GRID bots establish and trade a ‘grid’ of buy and sell levels with the aim of accumulating many small wins. 

With our team’s latest raft of updates, the 3Commas GRID bots just became more powerful, versatile and user-friendly than ever before. 

This post lists the specific updates we’ve just released across three key areas.

Updates to the GRID bot table

The GRID bot screen shows you all the key information about your active GRID bots, a large, interactive TradingView chart, and the module for setting up, backtesting and launching new GRID bots. 

We’ve made key changes to the table below the chart — where you can check the status of your active GRID bots:

  • Profit now includes the unrealized PnL component.
  • Bots data is now split into 3 main columns:
    - Result - current funds of your bot, including profit
    - Profit - a summary of realized and unrealized PnL 
    - In trading - elapsed time after the bot start
  • Equivalent currencies such as USD and EUR are now fully supported, providing two additional benefits:
    - Summary Results, Profits, as well as Investments for all bots are now shown.
    - Sorting works better — the largest bots are on top by default.
  • Table settings are added, allowing you to show:
    - Result and profit in system currency or crypto
    - Profit as a single variable or split into realized and unrealized.
  • Filters are now compact and more mobile-friendly.

Bot interaction updates

We’ve also changed the way traders can interact with their GRID bots.

Bot states are simplified as follows:

  • Start a bot to add it to the Active list  
  • Close a bot to move it to the Closed list 
  • Restart a bot from the Closed list to re-use it

  • The pairs screener is now always visible, providing you with more convenient access.
  • We’ve added several quick start templates. These work like ‘strategy cards’ which allows traders to quickly select GRID bot settings for different situations (e.g. ‘To The Moon’ for a rising market.)
  • Orders and transactions of bots are now shown on the main chart, and the bot launcher is only using the chart when you are setting up a new bot. 

Bot interface updates

You’ll also notice updates in the GRID bot interface itself:

  • The ‘Exchange’ column is no longer shown in the table — you can use filters instead.
  • The ‘Side’ column (relevant to futures trading only) is no longer shown too. Instead, you can see relevant labels in the ‘Bot’ column.

More about trading with GRID bots

While average crypto HODL investors sometimes have to wait months — or even years — for the big price moves they hope will help them profit, 3Commas traders have tools to profit from relatively small market moves.

The GRID bot is one of the most powerful tools for doing so. GRID Bots aims to generate small but frequent profits by trading within a range (a grid).

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