Key updates for 3Commas traders: February and March 2023


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Welcome to the 3Commas monthly platform update!

Each month, we’re bringing you a short video detailing what’s changed on the platform — and, more importantly, how each upgrade benefits our community of traders. You might be wondering why we’re including two months in our monthly update. We’ll confess that we experimented with an AI video creation tool last month, and the quality of the output was unacceptable so we tossed it. On with the show! 

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February and March were big months for new trading bot tools, integrations and security upgrades on 3Commas. 

Here are eight key changes you need to know about. 

1: Introducing Smart Bots

We’ve launched a new addition to our crypto trading bot stable — Smart Bot. 

Smart Bot makes it easier than ever to launch a bot that seeks out profitable trades. 

Designed with beginner crypto traders in mind, these bots leverage 20 years’ worth of trading and technical analysis data.

They require zero prior knowledge to start using.

They work on eight of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Smart Bot is available with multi-pair trades on desktop for customers with 3Commas paid plans.

2: Trailing stop losses for DCA bots

DCA bots are among the most popular across the crypto trading community. 

We added trailing stop loss  (TSL) functionality to the 3Commas DCA bot so that traders have more flexibility for capturing gains and avoiding losses. 

TSL can help you limit potential losses and maximize potential gains through automatic adjustments and executions of trades when the trigger conditions are met. 

The DCA bot’s trailing stop loss tool moves stop loss levels as prices rise, and automatically executes market orders to sell when prices drop back to the trailing stop’s level. 

Enabling trailing stop loss means traders can’t add new safety orders, or use trailing take profit on their DCA bot.

3: Automated reinvesting & risk reduction for DCA bots

We made a further upgrade to our DCA bots to make them more powerful than ever — automated reinvesting and risk reduction. 

Traders using 3Commas Pro plan can now set DCA bots up to automatically reinvest a percentage of realized profits. 

The bot will calculate how much to reinvest based on the initial investment, then increase new deal sizes accordingly. 

Plus, traders can also set DCA bots to automatically protect funds from further losses when the market’s going against them — the bot will decrease future deal sizes based on past losses. 

On top of that, we’ve increased safety trades for DCA bot deals from 100 to 200, and increased maximum safety trade count from 10 to 200.

4: Fast Connect for Binance, OKX & Deribit

Two of our exchange partners — now support 3Commas Fast Connect.

This new, more secure method of connecting exchange accounts with 3 Commas combines the OAuth protocol with IP whitelisting to give traders more peace of mind and their funds more protection. 

Fast Connect allows 3Commas traders to automatically generate and bind API keys without having to manually enter them.

IP whitelisting — part of the Fast Connect service — means any trade requests sent to an exchange account from outside 3Commas official IP addresses will be declined. 

Fast Connect is available for Binance, OKX, and Deribit customers. 

5: GRID Bot optimization 

As well as launching a new bot and making our DCA bot more versatile, our team rolled out improvements to the 3Commas GRID Bot, too. 

There’s a new ‘Optimize’ button visible after traders run a GRID Bot backtest.

This runs a series of 120-day backtests in order to find the best Step for the bot — saving countless hours of manual work.

The optimizer updates the bot’s settings if the new result is better than the initial backtest.

On top of this, traders can now click ‘Pair’ in their GRID bot to access a huge list of trading pairs sorted by 120-day backtest results.

Clicking a pair in this list automatically applies the optimized settings in the bot launcher interface.

6: Buying crypto with a debit or credit card

3Commas traders can now refuel their bots in-platform using debit or credit card. 

Currently available for Binance and OKX, we use third-party provider Mercuryo to allow traders to buy new tokens on their exchange account and automatically transfer them to their 3Commas account. 

This means they can avoid any downtime or potential missed opportunities arising from running out of funds to fuel their bots. 

7: Grid Bot Trailing Down

You can now set your GRID bot to both trail up and trail down. 

It’s now easier than ever to set your GRID Bot up without worrying about prices going beyond the lower limit. 

This allows you to be even more ‘hands-free’ with your GRID bot trading strategy and should increase your odds of making a profit 💸

We’ve also released another batch of changes and improvements based on our community’s feedback.

Full explainer on trailing down for GRID bots + latest upgrades here 👇🏻

More about GRID bot Trailing Down

8: DeCommas multichain swap

Our DeFi partners at DeCommas continue to make decentralized trading faster and more cost effective.

Their new Cross-Chain Swap tool is available now, offering you:

✅ Optimized single chain & cross-chain trading routes

✅ Cost-efficient transfer rates

✅ Reduced transactions

✅ No intermediaries

Cross-Chain swaps give traders more flexibility and choice when moving assets between blockchains. 

DeCommas Cross-Chain Swap is 100% free to use, thanks to a partnership with LI.FI Bridge Aggregator. 

Start swapping with DeCommas now: 

Always pushing to create the best crypto trading platform experience

Those are the main updates 3Commas traders need to know about from February and March. 

As always, our team is pushing to develop the most powerful, secure and versatile automated crypto trading platform globally. 

We’re doing that by continuously upgrading and refining our trading bots, and the platform that our community uses to run them. 

Until next month!