Key updates for 3Commas traders: April 2023


Welcome to the 3Commas monthly review. 

Each month, we bring you a video detailing what’s changed on the platform — and more importantly, how each upgrade benefits our community of crypto traders. 

April was a big month for trading bot updates, partnerships and more on 3Commas.

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1: ByBit and now offer Fast Connect with 3Commas

Just in case you didn’t hear about it last month, ByBit and have now joined 3Commas in offering Fast Connect. 

That brings the total number of our exchange partners offering this method of connecting exchange accounts to five. 

This new, more secure method of connecting exchange accounts with 3 Commas combines the OAuth protocol with IP whitelisting to give traders more peace of mind and their funds more protection. 

Fast Connect allows 3Commas traders to automatically generate and bind API keys without having to manually enter them.

IP whitelisting — part of the Fast Connect service — means any trade requests sent to an exchange account from outside 3Commas official IP addresses will be declined. 

Fast Connect is available for ByBit, Binance, OKX, and Deribit customers.

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2: Buy crypto with debit/credit card on 3Commas

3Commas traders can now refuel their bots in-platform using debit or credit card. 

Currently available for Binance and OKX, we use third-party provider Mercuryo to allow traders to buy new tokens on their exchange account.

This means they can avoid any downtime or potential missed opportunities arising from running out of funds to fuel their bots.

3: DCA Bot traders get access to new functionality

3Commas multi-pair DCA bots now give traders the same control they have over single-pair DCA bots.

We’ve added the ability to restrict deal opens based on minimum and maximum allowable price deviation values you choose.

These values are independent of the price of the selected coin.

So you now have more control — a multi-pair DCA bot will only trade within the minimum and maximum price deviation values you set.

4: Major GRID Bot upgrades go live

With our team’s latest raft of updates, the 3Commas GRID bots just became more powerful, versatile and user-friendly than ever before. 

These latest updates span three key areas: The GRID bot table, bot states and the bot interface. 

The GRID bot screen shows you all the key information about your active GRID bots, a large, interactive TradingView chart, and the module for setting up, backtesting and launching new GRID bots. 

Equivalent currencies such as USD and EUR are now fully supported, and we’ve added several quick start templates. These work like ‘strategy cards’ which allow traders to quickly select GRID bot settings for different situations.

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5: Guide for using technical indicators in DCA bot trading

We’ve published a fresh guide on how to create and set up a DCA bot for trading an alt coin. 

Using probably the most well known, and respected, indicator in the trading world — the RSI (Relative Strength Index — we walk you through how traders can aim to catch temporary bounces in asset prices using their DCA bot. 

We explain everything from creating to configuring the bot, and reveal the results of our experience. 

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Always pushing to create the best crypto trading platform experience

Those are the main updates 3Commas traders need to know about from March. 

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Those are the main updates 3Commas traders need to know about from April.  

Our team is always pushing to develop the most powerful, secure and versatile automated crypto trading platform globally. 

We’re doing that by continuously upgrading and refining our trading bots, and the platform that our community uses to run them. 

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