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Today we are going to discuss bot settings based on signal from Marketplace. This is probably one of the most unusual signals. It is formed not by a combination of oscillators but by a trader himself. It can become an alternative to “following a trader” which is desired by many users in chat.

So let’s find out how and where you can trade on this signal and discuss the recommended bot settings for it.


1. Registration and exchange connection on 3Commas.

2. Available pairs and exchange.

3. Recommended strategies for MaybeeTradingVIP signals.

4. Bot settings with MaybeeTradingVIP signals.

1. Registration and exchange connection on 3Commas

The service is available at This is a referral link giving a 10% discount.

After registration, you will have a trial period, which means free access to the PRO plan with all the features. If your deposit is less than $750 the service will remain free for you after the trial period. If you have more than $750 you need to choose one of the plans. I advise the PRO plan as the most convenient for customizing. It contains a “Composite bot” and the settings are specifically for it.

After registration on 3Commas you need to connect the Binance exchange via API. Learn more about it here:

How to create an API key for Binance is written here.

2.Available pairs and exchange

The table below shows which exchanges and pairs this signal is relevant for.

As an example, we use BTC trading.

At the end of the post, I will share a link to a configured and active bot for USDT pairs.

3. Recommended strategies for MaybeeTradingVIP signals

As it was already mentioned MaybeeTradingVIP signal is a result of trader’s work but not of the Trading View oscillators based algorithms such as RSI, BB, etc. (which do not take into account the behavior of the entire market as a whole but only the behavior of a particular coin through oscillators, etc.).

Everything I`m going to describe as a strategy, in fact, is not a strategy itself. Because the real strategy is the mind and the skills of a real trader. It is based on a technical analysis of a particular coin and a vision of the BTC behavior (i.e. the market behavior) in a short term. Signals come both: “to open” and “to close” a deal. And a signal to set StopLoss is given for each separate deal (ATTENTION !!). This is the only signal in which I saw such thing because mostly it is recommended to set a fixed StopLoss % for all pairs in a bot which is not entirely correct (in my opinion). The signal on StopLoss can also be noticed in the telegram channel

Once again the main idea: These signals are actually the long-awaited “Follow the trader” functional or to some extent “Trust management” that you can disable or customize at any time. Comparing with signals based on algo-trading which take into account only the oscillators behavior (RSI, BB, etc.) on a traded coin and do not take into account the behavior of the entire market as a whole which lead to sad results, these signals are the product of the mental activity of a professional trader looking at the whole market in general and giving entry points, exit points and counting the risks of price reduction. StopLoss does not set a fixed % of the entry price but uses a “floating” Stop for a specific pair taking into account support levels, etc.

Now I will describe the settings of the 3Commas bot relevant for this post date (August 2019) but always keep in mind that recommendations are not rules and you bear all the risks yourself.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Use about 2% … 5% of your deposit for the initial order in the deal.

IMPORTANT: Incoming sales commands regardless of whether you set Take Profit or not may close your deal on a signal and this can happen at any time either in “plus” or “minus” protecting your deposit from a deeper rollback.

Settings. Table #2:

Useful links: signal chat – channel with MaybeeTradingVIP signals

@ Maybee3344 – Telegram Signal Provider

4. Bot settings according to MaybeeTradingVIP signals on 3Сommas.

Signal activation. Please activate signals on Marketplace section:

If everything went well you will see the following:

Setting up the bot. I will configure on the example of BTC trading _ ***

Creating a bot:

We will configure by blocks:

• Main settings

• Pairs

It should be like this:

NOTE: if you want to remove some pairs from the list just click X right to the pair. Do not forget to add new pairs after listing them on the BINANCE exchange.

• Strategy

• Please select MaybeeTradingVIP as Deal Start Condition (if you do not have it in the list then you haven’t bought it and you should get back to point 1 ”Signal activation”

•Take profit

• Stop Loss – for these types of signals turn on Stop Loss and set 99% so that your bot can receive signals and put Stop where the trader is going to put it. Sometimes Stop Loss can be set very far and … it can work:

• Safety orders – as previously written, “averaging” is not used:

• Advanced Settings

Done. Bot is configured.


We get a reminder that we need to launch the bot.

That’s all for setting up.

Link to the configured BTC bot. You can copy it, customize it or see its statistics.

Link to the same bot but for USDT trading

Link to a blog with articles on the other signals settings and real-time statistics on real deposits for different signals. Here you can learn about them and decide on whether to use or not any signal for the bot.

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Free access for 3 days

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