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Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts platform that goes beyond the competition by offering a system for the verification of off-blockchain assets that are incorporated in proposed Smart Contracts. Most other Smart Contracts platforms simply offer users the ability to incorporate nominal off-blockchain assets as identified by a digital signature, but this platform allows users to go one step further and verify critical details about the assets before confirming transactions.

The value of Chainlink rose quickly after its launch alongside most other digital currencies in the 2018 crypto boom and bust. It soon fell quickly back to pre-boom levels, though it also never achieved the same price level highs as those enjoyed by many other coins. It has seen a recent rapid ramp up in price as adoption levels have increased. It is currently a top 30 cryptocurrency by overall market cap.

Chainlink's unique Smart Contracts verification system is based on the use of 'Oracles', which are rated applications for the verification of information. Oracles that have a higher success rate in accurately verifying asset information receive a higher rating, thereby allowing users to weed out those verifiers with a weak track record. The Oracles themselves operate on an underlying blockchain, meaning that their verification records and the information that they have provided historically cannot be altered.

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