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Looking back on 2021, 3Commas experienced its strongest year of growth and focused heavily on new developments of features requested by our community. Not only did we implement the most improvements to our platform since we were founded, but we’ve also deployed our new feature voting system in which all upcoming features developed by 3Commas will come from… you guessed it… YOU! Want to learn more about what’s to come? Read on!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of 3Commas’ biggest changes in 2021:

New Integrations

  • We enabled MetaMask! Now you can seamlessly pay for your subscription in crypto in just a couple of clicks. It works if the corresponding extension is installed in the browser and the payment is made in ETH;
  • We now support Kraken Spot with our DCA bots. Kraken users can now automate their trades with different signals on their DCA bots and then kick back and watch their profits grow.
  • DCA and GRID bot are now supported for KuCoin

Feature Improvements

  • SmartTrade can automatically turn your Stop Loss into Break Even. In the event there are more than two Take Profit positions in your SmartTrade, as soon as one of them gets executed, your Stop Loss will be moved to your average trade entry-level price.
  • For Futures and Spot trading, you can now Adjust Upper and Lower Stop Loss indicators on the chart itself. This enables easier adjustments and simpler operation of the platform through a visual interface versus requiring a user to re-create a bot to achieve their preferred entries/exits.
  • Added a “Reduce Funds” button inside the actions menu for any particular SmartTrade

UI/UX Updates

  • Our website now supports French, Turkish, German, and Spanish.
  • We’ve summoned a wizard to guide users through the settings for their DCA bots step-by-step. The community asked 3Commas devs for more functionality than the Gordon bot without the sometimes intimidating number of options for Advanced subscribers. You’ve asked, and we’ve answered!

Top 10 3Commas Feature Requests 

What did the 3Commas user community have to say? 

A lot, it turns out! We received over 5,300 responses to our Community Poll and Feature Request Surveys we conducted from August thru November. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and contributed their feedback. Getting input from our users is the biggest part of the 3Commas development process, as it ensures we’re focused on developing the features and tools that matter most to our traders. 

Here are the top 10 requested features from our users:

What did we learn from this?

  1. Deal Start Conditions and Automations are understandably a big priority for our users. Having additional options for how a deal starts or changes with market conditions will provide our traders more ways to execute their strategies. 
  2. Analytics are a priority for our users to better compare the performance of various bots and make informed adjustments based on key data. 
  3. Users would like to have more customization to their tracking of active trades. Every trader is unique and has varying needs for how information and data is presented,, and having more abilities to group and sort active trades will help users stay organized and have faster reactions to market conditions.. 
  4. And subsequently, enhanced User Interface customization is a need from our users. Having more options for arranging which information shows up in their UI,  ranging from showing local timezone to changing the default currencies shown for account values, our users want their information to be more personalized and the way they like it. 

What is 3Commas going to do with all this information? 

Our founding team has two words for the community: Message Received. 

The 3Commas community has shared their voice, and the 3Commas team is listening. These four top-demanded  feature requests have been added as a priority to our immediate development roadmap and we expect those features to be rolled out in both Q1 & Q2 ‘22.. Other feature requests in the list will not be forgotten, and will be kept under consideration to potentially be added to the roadmap later as time and resources permit.

A common question after an extensive survey like this is, “Why can’t they work on feature X that seems really simple to fix?”. Some requests are going to be limited, not by the 3Commas platform, but rather by the API limitations of individual exchanges. Without diving too deep into technicalities, some API setups are more flexible than others, but 3Commas is actively seeking out conversations with the technical teams at these exchanges and it can take some time for discussions to bear fruit.  

Community Poll: What makes the 3Commas community happy? 

We sent out a community poll between November 4th and December 1st of this year to get a better understanding of which features our traders really like. The 3Commas community is very pleased with the recent addition of bots to KuCoin and other exchanges.
The addition of more deal start conditions has also proven to be very popular, and quite a few users highlighted the ease of use and visibility within the user interface. 

Our efforts at building the 3Commas community and engaging with our users attracted a lot of attention and positive response, in which respondents indicated they were very happy with the overall customer service experience and the speed and quality of resolutions. Community engagement is one of our pillars of success at 3Commas, and receiving confirmation that our traders appreciate these efforts warms our hearts. Our customer experience team takes a lot of pride in being in-house and connected to the community. Thank you to everyone who gave them recognition for the work they do helping users resolve issues. The 3Commas CX team is dedicated to making every trader’s journey as easy as possible. 

More than anything, the 3Commas team wants to thank our community for all of your feedback and suggestions! The 3Commas community has been a major contributor to the growth and expansion of our platform, and we couldn't be happier to continue fostering an environment of success for our users. Your opinion matters, and we'll continue to listen. Your ideas become new features that benefit every trader on the platform. For that, we are very grateful you continue to choose 3Commas to meet your needs. 

With gratitude, 

The 3Commas team.