Bitsgap Review 2023: A Comprehensive Comparison – Bitsgap Trading Bot vs 3Commas

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Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading bot you can use to automate your trading. This article describes whether Bitsgap is a good all-in-one trading platform, and compares it to the industry leader 3Commas. Let’s briefly describe Bistgap and dive into its features first.

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Bitsgap Bot Review at a Glance 

Bitsgap is a world-class automated crypto trading bot allowing users to copy trade, backtest, and modify their trading strategies. For new traders, this web-based platform provides various trading strategies and templates to pick from. 

Users can set up the bot to trade automatically 24/7 while making use of the algorithmic and social trading simultaneously. However, the pricing options are quite expensive compared to the market’s average.



  • Supports 15 exchanges
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free trial option
  • Advanced dashboard providing market signals
  • Fairly easy to start grid trading
  • Not quite affordable, as the Pro plan costs $149 monthly
  • Bots are limited in functions
  • Lack of optimized Bitsgap app on Android and IOS platforms.


Cryptocurrency trading has seen a surge in popularity, and many traders are seeking ways to streamline and optimize their strategies. Automated trading bots have emerged as a solution to help traders navigate the volatile crypto market effectively. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into Bitsgap, a prominent player in the automated trading bot space, and compare it with the industry leader, 3Commas.

Bitsgap Bot Review at a Glance

Bitsgap is a world-class automated crypto trading bot that offers users the ability to copy trade, backtest, and modify their trading strategies. It aims to cater to both new and experienced traders by providing a range of trading strategies and templates.


  • Supports 15 exchanges
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers a free trial option
  • Provides an advanced dashboard with market signals
  • Fairly easy to start grid trading


  • Relatively high pricing, with the Pro plan costing $149 monthly
  • Limited functionality of bots
  • Lack of optimized Bitsgap mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms

What You Can Do With Bitsgap

Bot Trading

Bitsgap allows you to connect to supported crypto exchanges via API, enabling you to automate your trading. By configuring triggers, indicators, and strategies, you can set the bot to execute trades on your behalf based on your specific settings.

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Crypto trading is known for its volatility, and Bitsgap's grid bots are designed to provide structure to your trading strategy. These bots utilize triggers, technical analysis indicators, and advanced trading strategies to potentially generate profits, even in challenging market conditions.


Bitsgap offers trading signals that simplify trading decisions. Rather than analyzing the market constantly, you can follow the trading patterns of experienced traders, potentially improving your profitability.

Crypto Arbitrage

Bitsgap supports 15 crypto exchanges with high liquidity, enabling traders to access arbitrage opportunities with reduced risks. Crypto quotes change frequently, creating opportunities for profit through arbitrage trading.

Portfolio Management

The Bitsgap bot provides tools to help you manage your crypto portfolio, making it easier to diversify and maintain a reliable collection of cryptocurrencies.

Demo Account

Before deploying your strategies in a live environment, Bitsgap offers a demo account for testing. This allows you to experiment with different trading strategies without risking your funds.


Bitsgap offers three pricing plans:

  1. Basic - $29/month: Includes 2 active trading bots and a 7-day free trial.
  2. Advanced - $69/month: Offers up to 5 active trading bots and a 7-day free trial.
  3. Pro - $149/month: Allows up to 20 active trading bots and a 7-day free trial.

The free plan is also available with a $1000 monthly trading limit but lacks certain features.

Is Bitsgap Worth Using?

While Bitsgap offers several advantages, including ease of use, strong reputation, no trading fees, and responsive customer support, its limitations include support for a limited number of exchanges and occasional interface flaws.

Comparison: Bitsgap vs. 3Commas

Pricing Winner

  • 3Commas offers lower prices and a 14-day free trial on all plans.

Reliability Winner

  • 3Commas has fewer reported incidents and is known for its security measures.

Ease of Use Winner

  • 3Commas offers an intuitive mobile app, making it more user-friendly.

Exchange Platforms

  • Bitsgap supports connecting to more exchanges.

Profitability Winner

  • Both platforms aim to minimize risks, and neither guarantees profits.

Trading Strategies Winner

  • Both platforms provide a variety of trading strategies.

Operating Systems Winner

  • Both offer smooth operation on major platforms.

Privacy & Security Winner

  • Bitsgap provides more transparency in its privacy and security policies.

Updates Winner

  • 3Commas offers more efficient notifications.

Help and Support Winner

  • 3Commas provides more comprehensive support and educational resources.


  • Both platforms have active social media groups and multilingual support.

Features Winner

  • 3Commas wins due to more reliable bots and ready-made strategies.

Bitsgap Bot Review: What can you do With Bitsgap? 

Bitsgap helps you to automate trading and investment through various tools. Let’s break down what you can do using the bot.

Bitsgap Bot Review: Bot Trading

Connect Bitsgap to any supported crypto exchange via API and automate your trading in no time. If you’re tired of trading terminals, this bot can be helpful. Once you set the triggers, indicators, and strategies, you can stay away from your device for a while. The bot will trade on your behalf based on your specific settings. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Cryptocurrency Trading Bot 

Crypto trading may be highly volatile, leading to losses if acting at random. Grid bots by Bitsgap are designed to structure your trading, build a sustainable system upon triggers, technical analysis indicators, and advanced trading strategies. Imagine if you could make profits regardless of the market condition — grid bots allow tangible profits despite even the steepest downfalls, especially over the long haul. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Signals 

Trading made easy is what the signals are all about. Bitsgap provides trading signals you can follow for profits. Instead of analyzing the market day and night, you can follow the trading patterns of more experienced and dedicated traders. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Crypto Arbitrage 

Crypto quotes change frequently, creating massive opportunities for arbitrage. Bitsgap supports 15 crypto exchanges with the highest liquidity, so any trader can access arbitrage deals and make solid profits with lower risks. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Portfolio 

The Bitsgap bot provides a range of tools to manage your crypto portfolio. Diversified and reliable crypto portfolio has never been easier to build and maintain. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Demo Account 

Once you’ve set up the strategies, bots, and portfolio, you might want to try them out first. A demo account allows you to test anything in a safe environment with zero risk for your funds. Such a standard feature significantly reduces your chances of losing money at random.

Bitsgap Bot Review — Different tools and strategies

Demo account is a perfect tool to discover new trading strategies as you develop. For safety purposes, you suggest testing any trading strategy several times before applying it onto your real money. This way you can experiment with instruments and advanced trading tools in a risk-free sandbox.

Bitsgap Bot Review — Going Live On market

Imagine you could trade in real-time with no risks. A demo account by Bitsgap generates a sandbox emulated real conditions so that you can get the full experience at no extra cost. Bitsgap demo account may autonomously execute your orders, showing your actual trading results. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: How Bitsgap Ensures Security 

Bitsgap trading platform ensures your funds are safe & sound via the API key technology. Instead of login attempts, email ID, or anyhow gaining access directly, the platform connects through the API key, keeping your data private. No unauthorized persons get access to your Bitsgap account. 

Let’s clarify what stands Bitsgap out among different exchanges regarding security.

Bitsgap Bot Review — Account Access 

  • All login attempts are secure. If someone is attempting to connect from an unexpected device or location, you will receive an email requesting authorization right away.
  • Failed login attempts result in a temporary lockout of both the account and the API, providing protection from password attacks.
  • Two-factor authentication entails using a one-time use token to get access to your account. Bitsgap suggests using 2FA as an extra layer of security.

Bitsgap Bot Review — API Keys 

  • You have limited access to your API key since you control all of its settings. Bitsgap simply needs access to your trade history, balance view, and trading to fully leverage the platform’s features.
  • No withdrawal permitted in settings — as an added security step, once you enter your API key, Bitsgap always checks to see whether you have limited the ability to withdraw cash. If you activate this option, the API key will not be accepted.
  • API keys are always concealed in an encrypted manner — your password and API keys are always encrypted, and no one has access to them but you and your exchange.

Bitsgap Bot Review — Employee Security 

  • Secure network structure — all user information is stored on a secure network that is protected by a powerful firewall and is not accessible to anybody outside of the platform.
  • Employees are limited to their area of expertise — to eliminate human errors and safeguard the users from within; each Bitsgap member has limited rights and access to the system depending on their work assignments.
  • Bitsgap never shares, sends, or displays sensitive or account information outside of the network.
  • 2FA authorisation and internal security audit — to access the Bitsgap network, all workers must use a strong password and two-factor authorization.

Bitsgap Bot Review — System and Server 

  • The most basic explanation for RSA 2048 encryption is that the majority of banks worldwide employ 1024-bit encryption. That effectively makes Bitsgap twice as safe as the online bank you use (To put it in numbers, if a person chooses to "crack" your API key, it will take them over a hundred lifetimes to go through every possible combination).
  • When you add an API key to Bitsgap, the browser commences an encryption procedure on your behalf and securely transfers your API to our server.

Bitsgap Bot Review: Pricing

Bitsgap Pricing

Bitsgap offers 3 options to pick by default, each with a different price and features.

  • Basic — $29/month — 2 active trading bots
  • Advanced — $69/month — up to 5 active trading bots
  • Pro — $149/month — up to 20 active trading bots

After signing up, you will get a 7-day trial on the lowest package [Basic]. You can practice with Demo funds or connect exchanges to trade in LIVE mode. Once your trial is finished, you will be offered to pick one of the paid plans to keep trading. If you don’t pick a plan, you’ll be downgraded to a Free plan and lose most of the features.



  • Three options to choose from. You can pick a Basic, Advanced, and Pro plan
  • All plans include a 7-day free trial
  • Bitsgap has a free plan with some features once your trial ends
  • Trading limits on most plans
  • Expensive compared to other automated trading software providers
  • Free plan lacks functionality

Let’s describe each plan briefly.

Bitsgap Bot Review: Free Plan at $0 

You can select a free plan ($0/month) with a $1000 monthly trading limit. It will allow you to have limited access to some of Bitsgap’s features. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Basic Plan at $29 a Month 

This plan unlocks more features and increases your trading limit. With a $19 Bitsgap plan you can trade up to $25,000 each month, while having access to a pair of trading bots. You won’t have priority support and arbitrage opportunities than high-tier plans have. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Advanced Plan at $69 a Month 

The plan level-up the limit 4 times, up to $100,000 trading per month. You can also access arbitrage, trading signals, portfolio management tools, extended order types, and virtual funds experience [demo trading].

Learn more about extensive portfolio management in our top 5 portfolio trackers deep dive

Bitsgap Bot Review: Pro Plan at $149 a Month 

Bitsgap Pro plan doesn’t limit you in terms of trading volume. You have all the features included in previous plans, priority support, and up to 20 active trading bots allowed.

How to Start Using Bitsgap?

Getting onboard with Bitswap is as easy as with any other platforms. You don’t have to download anything — just enter the website, pick your plan, and follow the instructions. 

Once you follow the tips, it should be fairly easy to set up your first DCA or GRID bot. In case you have any questions, you may always address the customer support for clarification. Bitsgap has one of the most responsive support members within the industry. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Is Bitsgap Worth Using? 

Bistgap may be a good trading automation tool, but all users' final results vary significantly. Before buying into a plan, we recommend you test all the features during a 7-day trial plan for free. Once you run out of time, you'll lose some of the best features. That doesn't mean you can't trade for free, though.

You might want to consider paid plans and other automated trading software providers for large trading volumes and tangible results. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Pros Reviewed

Let’s address some of the advantages you can gain via Bitsgap bot. 

Ease Of Use 

The bot is fairly easy to use, as it has an intuitive layout and onboarding process alike. Newbies can easily get started with the bot. The support team is quite responsive and ready to solve all the emerging questions. 

Reputation & Privacy

Despite the competitiveness of the automated trading niche, Bitsgap turned into a towering figure some other providers tend to follow. The fact speaks loud about Bitsgap reputation, user trust, and the overall expertise the team broadcasts.

All Bitsgap connections are encrypted using HTTPS using state of the art RSA 2048-bit encryption. More importantly, Bitsgap doesn’t have any access to your funds, and all your crypto assets always remain directly on your exchanges. Please see our security page for more information.


Bitsgap doesn’t charge any trading fees. The only payment you make is a a monthly subscription fee for using the platform, its features, and the community resources to level up your trading. 

Customer Support 

Bitsgap has a powerful customer support service always willing to help. The team helps newbies and seasoned traders alike, answering all questions related to trading. Quick turnaround time and informative reply make the Bitsgap support extremely helpful. 

Payment Methods 

The platform supports Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and crypto. You can use BTC, ETH, BNB, and more to cover your subscription costs upfront. For regular payments, you can use traditional payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. All transactions and personal information are encrypted, meaning your funds are 100% safe. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Cons Reviewed

As of writing, Bitsgap supports just 15 crypto integration with exchanges fully-automated trading, which is not as many as it could be. If you’re trading outside of the top 20 exchanges, you may struggle using the bot. The number of exchanges also directly affects crypto arbitrage traders by limiting arbitrage opportunities right away. The limited number of exchanges puts pressure on such opportunities, effectively shrieking your arbitrage profits. 

Frequent bugs and interface flaws are among the most noted cons Bitsgap has. They cause many complaints and affect user experience but rarely affect your trading directly. 

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Which Automated Trading Platform is Better? 

Let’s break down points crucial for any bot and compare the results for Bitsgap and 3Commas 

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Pricing Winner



Free, Basic, Advanced, and Pro plans

4 subscription options with set price

All plans include a 14-day free trial

Lower prices and value offers when paid for yearly

Trading limits on most plans

A free 3-day trial only for Pro

More expensive

A short trial period on other plans

Pricing winner

Although both services offer a selection of 4 subscription plans, 3Commas has all the necessary autotrading functions available at cheaper prices.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Reliability Winner



Delivers innovative services with impeccable reputation

No cases of security breaches or data leakage

Prohibits access from the API until the withdrawal feature from the wallet is switched off

Impeccable reputation, a large number of positive reviews, and 2FA account protection

Prohibits access from the API until the withdrawal feature from the wallet is switched off

Low risk of financial losses

Sporadic bugs

Occasional errors

Reliability winner

3Commas seems to be working with fewer unwanted incidents.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Ease of Use Winner



A minimalistic chart screen layout

Manual & automated settings

Lacks automation features

Automated bots for both novice and experienced users

Bitsgap app in works

No night mode

Ease of use winner

3Commas has received a plethora of positive feedback, especially for the mobile app availability that makes the platform easy to use wherever the trader is: at home or on-the-go. Bitsgap app has been under development for a while, and it’s still not known when users will be able to use the fully-fledged bitsgap app.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Exchange Platforms



Possible to connect to all exchanges at one place

18 major exchanges with hundreds trading pairs supported as of writing

15 fully supported digital currency exchange platforms

Easy integration via API

Demo Bitcoins across most popular crypto exchanges

Built-in trading bots to match user goals

Exchange support winner

As of now, 3Commas is leading when it comes to the variety of exchange platforms available, with over 18 featured exchanges supported vs. 15 supported by Bitsgap.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Profitability Winner



No guaranteed profit

Fosters profits while minimizing the risks

Calculations of potential profits are based on previous transactions

No trader is 100% insured against losses

Different tools are available depending on user strategies

A high volume of profitable trading opportunities are available

Profitability winner

Despite the provider’s reliability, Bitsgap cannot guarantee profits. However, the platform successfully manages to minimize user risks when trading, exactly like 3Commas.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Strategies Winner



A variety of bots are available

Manual & Automated trading

Manual and automated trading is available

There is a margin for human error when done manually

Can miss an opportunity if not reviewed by the user

Simplified trading tools

Trading strategies winner

You get a great variety of strategies in either case.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Operating systems



Smooth operation on major platforms

No bugs found. Full functionality on mobile and desktop

Intuitive interface, but there’s no Bitsgap mobile app

Desktop version may sporadically lag

OS winner

In terms of apps and operating system requirements, you will be fully satisfied with either service.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Privacy & Security Winner



Personally identification information is not required

No reports of breaches or fraud

SSL secured communication channel

2FA, IP detection and other security measures

Uses cookies for marketing, ads, and more.

Privacy and security winner

While no online service can be completely safe, Bitsgap does a better job of explaining their policies.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Updates



Alerts on multiple channels, no Bitsgap app notifications

Timely notifications on market updates

Bugs and delays may occur

Private updates through Telegram messenger

Lack of messaging integration features

Alerts can execute one function only

Updates feature winner

3Commas is a more favorable pick due to more efficient notifications.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Help and Support



Learning curve via blog

Multiple educational articles and 24/7 support

Support turnaround time might be improved

Some blog articles lacks structure

Help and support winner

3Commas takes the lead as it gives more comprehensive knowledge and more practical tips for trading.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Communities



Active social media groups

Many ways for traders to communicate

Multiple supported languages

Community support for beginners

Communities winner

Equal services

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: Features

Both services run in close proximity in terms of their common features but 3Commas wins due to more reliable bots and ready-made strategies.

3Commas vs Bitsgap — Automatic Trading

Bitsgap bot offers technical analysis, which makes it an advanced tool for a trader. It utilizes technical indicators such as RSI, Stoch RSI, EMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, etc. Many users note that the bot performs especially well during upward market movements.

However, TA seems to be quite complex for beginner users – so they won’t be able to utilize its full potential. Also, the bot requires more human presence and operation when the market is moving downward.

The 3Commas bots are very different from Bitsgap. They are based on the DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) mechanism and use buy and sell recommendations according to Tradingview algorithms. The platform features simple and composite bots ranging in how many coins you can trade simultaneously.

The only negative is that the DCA-based mechanisms invest large amounts of base currency so you have to ensure you have enough free funds. Also, you should be careful about setting the base currency ratio and frequency.

3Commas vs Bitsgap — Trading Templates and Strategy Customization

Bitsgap gives you a choice between ready-made strategies and the ones you create from scratch. Beginners are more likely to stick to templates since they can be quickly set up without much trading knowledge. However, some testimonials on available strategies may not be written by true users, as online experts point out.

3Commas users can purchase automated bot algorithms built by other traders as well as create strategies themselves. The platform also allows you to make adjustments to some bot settings without having to make one on your own. Users should remember that changing parameters to their specific requirements may be risky. But if you feel confident about your abilities, it should not be a problem.

3Commas vs Bitsgap — Backtesting

Once you customize your chosen strategy or create one, you most likely will want to know if it will be profitable. Both services provide equal opportunities for testing your strategies without losing money. Backtesting allows you to see how the strategy will perform in the real world based on historical data. You can compare the effectiveness of different strategies before you find the right one.

3Commas vs Bitsgap — Signals and Risk-Minimizing Features

The Bitsgap bot automates your trades by following signals from third-party technical analysts (signalers). Similarly, 3Commas hosts multiple signals that you can choose from. The benefit of using 3Commas in this regard comes from an easy browsing layout. You can clearly see settings recommendations, average results, maximal profit, etc. It helps you make the right choice based on a sufficient amount of information.

As for risk-minimizing features, both platforms offer Take Profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss. Most experts would agree that trading without safety mechanisms is irresponsible. So, these features limit your chance of major losses and losing everything you have.

3Commas vs Bitsgap — Social Trading

Bitsgap simplifies traders’ lives with the Mirror Trading feature. Those who can’t yet rely on their own judgment about the market can follow professional traders. This functionality is free to use provided you have an active subscription.

3Commas presents users with a feature called CopyTradingBot. Similar to Mirror Trading, it allows you to follow winning strategies developed by other traders and follow other traders’ portfolio allocations. Their effectiveness can be further boosted by features like order books, new exchanges, etc.

Range of features winner: If you don’t want to deal with the complexities of technical analysis, 3Commas is the service for you. 3Commas bots and strategies proved more trustworthy since they are developed by verified users.

Bitsgap vs 3Commas Reviewed: The Bottom Line

We’ve compared Bitsgap vs. 3Commas to understand which one is better as a go-to trading solution. 3Commas bots beat Bitsgap in many aspects mentioned. Let’s finalize the comparison in a table. 



Pricing and plans

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Ease of use

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Exchange platforms

Bitsgap Trading Bot



Trading strategies


Operating systems

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Privacy & security

Bitsgap Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Help and support

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot




3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

As a result of head-to-head comparison across multiple factors, 3Commas has scored 10 points, while Bitsgap trading bot accumulated just 5 points. Overall, the 3Commas bots seem more efficient than Bitsgap. 

Bitsgap Bot Review: Verdict? 

In the evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, both Bitsgap and 3Commas have emerged as strong contenders, offering all-encompassing trading solutions tailored for the modern trader. These platforms empower users to swiftly respond to current market fluctuations, accurately consider live market dynamics, and efficiently configure a range of market orders – be it limit orders, take-profit orders, or other advanced trading directives spanning multiple cryptocurrency pairings.

While both platforms have their merits and will undoubtedly facilitate successful trading, there is a distinct advantage when it comes to 3Commas. Notably, if a broad spectrum of exchange support, a diverse array of crypto assets, an impeccable user interface, and unlimited exchange-trading functionalities are on your priority list, then 3Commas bots appear to be the superior choice. It's worth noting that this assessment is based on up-to-date information and remains valid in the year 2023.


  • This detailed Bitsgap vs 3Commas comparison addresses many aspects of each bot, and Bitsgap is a good trading bot for some traders. On the other hand, 3Commas features more tools for newbies and experts alike.

  • Your Bitsgap profits depend on several factors like initial allocation, risk/reward profile, current market volatility, macroeconomic situation beyond crypto, and more. Bitsgap can be as efficient as other crypto trading bots.

  • Bitsgap is an established automated trading software provider you can trust. However, you might still want to check reviews before using a bot.

  • Bitsgap offers a 7-day trial for paid plans. If you don’t want to proceed with high-tier plans, you can stay free for as long as you want to.