TradeSanta Review 2023: Test Results & Comparison – Trade Santa Bot vs 3Commas

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You’re reading a refreshed TradeSanta review — relevant data feed, updated info on pricing plans, features, and more. This review also touches on a comparison with the industry-leading bot 3Commas. Once you complete the guide, you can pick the best platform, making your trading more conscious than ever.

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TradeSanta Review: Ratings at a Glance 

This TradeSanta review peeks at key information in the form of tables and explains details right after. Here is the list of pros and cons of TradeSanta to get familiar with the bot. 

TradeSanta Review: Overall Cast

TradeSanta dashboard is doing a great job of simplifying automated trading — it turns the most complicated automated trading routines into straightforward steps so that active crypto investors may profit in an automated way with no prior experience.

TradeSanta is best suited to investors with experience trading crypto and developing manual trading strategies who need a tool that handles the programming side. Those new to crypto or high-frequency trading may need to study TradeSanta's many educational resources before creating their first bot. 

TradeSanta Review: Grid and DCA Bots

Grid and DCA are two different cryptocurrency trading techniques. A Grid bot handles each order individually. For instance, if one order purchases X currency, the bot will generate sell orders for the equivalent amount when your sell indications are matched. On the other hand, a DCA bot will sell the entire amount from all your purchase orders at once.

DCA bots are ideal for turbulent markets where you want to ensure that you properly exit a position once your take profit is reached. Grid bots are ideal for more stable markets or when you intend to make regular portfolio modifications.

TradeSanta Review: Extra Orders

Extra orders are a tool you may utilize if a trade you entered does not proceed as planned. This allows you to buy/sell more currency at the current price, turning a loss deal into a profitable one (or at least less of a loser). The concept here is that by increasing the size of your position, you may profit from minor changes in movement. If, on the other hand, you sell a portion of your stake, you minimize your losses if the trend continues.

TradeSanta Review: Long and Short Strategies

Bots may be designed to execute both long and short trades. Long strategies are any trading techniques in which you purchase a coin with the idea that its value will rise. Short strategies imply you believe the asset will drop - before it happens, you sell the asset and repurchase it after the drop.

TradeSanta Review: Technical Indicators

For your bot, you may utilize a variety of technical indicators, such as the relative strength index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger bands. An indication is a price or trade volume movement in a trading pair that notifies the bot to join (or quit) the market.

This can be a single price point, a price movement trend (such as growing by a certain percentage over a set time), or changes in trade volume. You choose your entry and exit locations, and your bot makes buy or sell orders when those signs are detected.

TradeSanta Review: Stop Loss

A stop loss is a parameter you may program into your bot's order. To safeguard against significant losses, this stop loss will initiate a sell order if the price falls below a certain threshold. It is especially beneficial in volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies.

TradeSanta Review: Pricing

You have three subscription plans to choose from: Basic package [$15 or $25 monthly], Advanced Package [$27 or $45 monthly], Maximum Package [$35 or $70 monthly]. The price difference you pay for membership tiers determines how many bots you can run, which is why you might want to decide how many bots you really need. Each TradeSanta bot is assigned to a specific trading pair. 

TradeSanta Review: Buying a Year 

If you buy a year-front subscription, each month costs less. The pricing for each plan is as follows if you get a year right away:

  • Basic Package: $15 per month
  • Advanced Package: $27 per month
  • Maximum Package: $35 per month

TradeSanta Review: Buying A Month

The price is almost doubled if you pay month by month. The pricing for each plan is as follows if you get a monthly subscription:

  • Basic Package: $25 per month
  • Advanced Package: $45 per month
  • Maximum Package: $70 per month

The basic package does the job for retail investors and newbie traders with small to average trading portfolios. You can get an unlimited number of trading pairs, 49 bots, and notifications. Most users do not need high-tier packages and can use the basic plan for automated trading. 

TradeSanta Review: Customer Service

Users of TradeSanta are pleased with the assistance they receive. TradeSanta offers live chat help in-platform and is typically quick to answer. You may also direct your inquiries to the TradeSanta Telegram channel, which is quite active. Finally, you can contact customer service.

TradeSanta Review: Mobile App 

The mobile app provides the same tools and functionality as the desktop dashboard but in a more mobile-friendly format. Each active bot has its own "bot card," where you can monitor its performance and make changes to its parameters and indicators.

You may also adjust your subscription plan, check your whole bitcoin portfolio, and more. TradeSanta's mobile app is as straightforward and quick to use as the desktop version. As a result, you may select your choice or easily move between the two.

TradeSanta Review: User Experience

From the main dashboard, you can monitor and adjust all of your current crypto trading bots, create a new bot, view your total balance, and do other important activities.

While TradeSanta's interface simplifies automatic trading, it is still automated trading. Creating bots and establishing a profitable automated trading strategy need effort. Completing some preliminary study is recommended for total novices to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals before you begin building your first bot.

Fortunately, the company's website contains a wealth of instructional tools. To understand more about bitcoin markets and automated investment, we recommend reading the TradeSanta Glossary, FAQ page, and TradeSanta blog.

TradeSanta Review: Security 

While crypto trading is risky, the TradeSanta platform is quite safe for automated investing. It employs two-factor authentication for login, and the API key you provide into your exchange account allows just trade permissions, not withdrawal capabilities. In other words, TradeSanta bots can make orders for you but cannot remove cash from your exchange account.

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Which Automated Trading Platform is Better? 

This section compares TradeSanta to trading bots by the 3Commas cryptocurrency trading software provider. Let’s break down crucial points for any bot and compare the results for the best TradeSanta review possible.

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Pricing Winner Reviewed

TradeSanta’s starting package price is lower, while both go significantly higher as the plans level up. TradeSanta’s offered packages are particularly cheaper and affordable in this regard.

TradeSanta Pricing

TradeSanta bot offers similar functionalities between their packages and adds more as you subscribe to a high-level plan. Most users commended the low starting price, but some criticized the availability and accessibility of features and tools during the free trial period, resulting in them not being able to try the services TradeSanta offers first before subscribing to a plan.

The starter package offers a SmartTrade terminal [Spot and Futures], concurrent take profit and stop loss, and short and long algorithms. More experienced users may benefit from the advanced package, including custom signs, spot bots, and bot copying features. 

The most experienced traders and enterprise clients may take a shot with the Pro tier membership. The tier unlocks composite bots, GRID bots, option bots, and more on top of every feature from the previous packs. 

All subscriptions are flexible in payment and cancellation terms, allowing users to pick their payment method with no strings attached. 

The 3Commas Pricing Plans

3Commas subscriptions can be paid monthly or yearly and can be canceled at any time. Upon registration, discounts for a yearly subscription to any package last for a week.

3Commas Tutorial — The Free Plan

You can review the 3Commas bot and its features free of charge. Here’s what you get: 

  • Trading platform and free educational materials
  • Offering access to general and altcoin signals from TradingView
  • Simultaneous orders like take profit, stop loss, etc.
  • Active SmartTrade
  • Unlimited scalper terminal
  • One grid bot
  • One options bot
  • One DCA Bot [one multi/single pair for a spot or one for futures]
3Commas Tutorial — The Starter Plan

The starter package at 3Commas gives you access to:

  • All the features of the free package 
  • Paper trading to review 3Commas bot and its features safely
  • Unlimited scalper terminal
  • Unlimited smart trades
3Commas Tutorial — The Advanced Plan

The advanced pricing plan offers the following set of features

  • All the features of the free plan
  • All the features of the starter plan
  • Unlimited DCA bots [unlimited number of pairs]
3Commas Tutorial — The Pro Plan

The professional package opens up even more automated tools, including

  • All the features of the Free plan
  • All the features of the Starter plan
  • All the features of the Advanced plan
  • Unlimited number of bots [Grid bots, Options bots, Composite bots, etc.]
  • Unlimited trading volume

There is also an exclusive enterprise package upon request. The pricing is established on a case-by-case basis. You will be offered priority support and custom features depending on what your particular case requires. You can purchase any plan with credit card payments, transfers via PayPal or cryptocurrency wallets. 3Commas users choose the payment option depending on what tools they prefer. 

The 3Commas Pro package is particularly affordable in this regard, especially compared to other bots. Learn more about 3Commas automated trading plans. 

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Free trial period
  • Cheaper prices for plans and packages
  • Limited features during the free trial period
  • Free trial period
  • First bot for free trading
  • Pro package access during the free trial
  • Limited access to functionalities in the starter package/plan
TradeSanta Review Pricing Winner

3Commas has a more gradual increase in pricing across plans and offers better functionality for each tier.

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Reliability Winner Reviewed

Any user, especially a beginner, tends to be dependent on trading bots when it comes to trading, so it is good to know that the bots will do the job even when you are sleeping. However, some users said that TradeSanta is prone to bugs, which puts their profits at risk.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Bug-prone
  • Lack of information related to security stack
  • Slightly lower security risks
  • Minor bugs
TradeSanta Review Reliability Winner

In the aspect of protecting the users’ profit, 3Commas offer more security than TradeSanta

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Ease of Use Winner Reviewed

TradeSanta offers a beginner-friendly platform that makes users comfortable while trading. However, users reported bugs and errors in the TradeSanta application, which hindered their trading and put their profits at risk.

3Commas offers a well-integrated system and interface, both on browser and application. This makes the platform easy to navigate and use. It also has the “portfolios'' tool where users can track their investments easily. In addition, the new set of functionalities and features help the users utilize 3Commas well, handling their cryptocurrencies and trading transactions smoothly.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Offers night mode on browser
  • Poor mobile device support
  • Bug-prone
  • Offers night mode
  • Quick setup
  • Simple and easy to understand interface
  • Has portfolios for monitoring
TradeSanta Review Ease of Use Winner

Even with the same smooth transactions, TradeSanta having poor mobile device support makes it unable to deliver the best service for its users, making 3Commas the better of the two

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Exchange Platforms Winner Reviewed

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Supports some major exchanges
  • Not enough current exchanges
  • Supports a wide range of exchanges
  • Supports more major exchanges
  • Quick to setup
TradeSanta Review Exchange Support Winner

Both platforms support wide varieties of exchanges, but 3Commas supports more. And for users, more choices of exchanges means more cryptocurrencies to pick from.

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Profitability Winner Reviewed

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Have tools which add more chances to gain profit
  • Good profit stories
  • Have advanced tools and features
  • Great profit stories
TradeSanta Review Profitability Winner

3Commas and TradeSanta show similar chances when it comes to profitability, in the end, it will all boil down to how the user will manage the platform

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Strategies Winner Reviewed

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Supports using customizable bots across multiple strategies
  • Supported by good technical indicators and tools
  • Bug-prone
  • Wide variety of strategies
  • Have multiple tools for automation
  • Many successful traders present on the platform
  • Supports trading view graphs
  • Both long and short strategy set for advanced traders
TradeSanta Review Trading Strategies Winner

Both 3Commas and TradeSanta use automated trading bots to help their users, however, TradeSanta is still bug-prone, leaving 3Commas with a higher rating

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Operating Systems Winner Reviewed

Both platforms have mobile applications, aside from being available on browsers, which allows the users to trade wherever they are.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Simple app interface
  • Bug-prone
  • Users having troubles logging in
  • Does not have all features present in the browser platform
  • Great layout
  • Features and tools almost complete
  • Minor bugs
TradeSanta Review OS Winner

With all the problems users encounter with TradeSanta, 3Commas wins this feature

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Privacy & Security Winner Reviewed

Traders prefer platforms where they know their cryptocurrencies are safe. Both 3Commas and TradeSanta require two-factor authentications to protect the accounts of their users and notify them if someone else is trying to log in their account.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Personal information not required
  • API key-based authentication
  • API key-based authentication
  • No reported breach of accounts
  • Have Incident and Breach Response Plan
TradeSanta Review Privacy and Security Winner

Aside from lacking clarification of it’s protocols, both 3Commas and TradeSanta promise utmost privacy and security to their users

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Updates Winner Reviewed

Traders would want to know the updates on their trading transactions; therefore, notifications and alerts from trading bot platforms are a must. Both platforms mainly use Telegram for sending updates to users.

TradeSanta mainly offers Telegram notifications and alerts only, which can be a problem for traders who do not have Telegram accounts and for those who want to be notified and sent alerts of updates for their trading.

3Commas provides users with settings for their notifications and updates. The trading bot platform gives a list of notification types of how the users can receive updates and what kind of notifications they want to receive.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Telegram notification
  • Updates on orders
  • Only a few notifications types and methods
  • Wide range of notifications types to choose from
  • Alerts are on time
  • List of kinds of notifications users can pick
TradeSanta Review Updates Feature Winner

3Commas is a more favorable choice due to more efficient notifications.

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Help and Support Winner Reviewed

When facing problems and having troubles with the platform, traders will seek help and support from the team behind the platform. In this regard, 3Commas has shown better performance and acquired better user reviews.

As TradeSanta is a newer platform, it is more prone to troubles and bugs that users may report to their team. The platform provides features on the website where users can seek help and ask questions. However, most user reviews reveal that contacting TradeSanta’s customer support is hard.

3Commas users can submit their questions and concerns through the platform's help center. A staff member from the team would quickly respond and assist them and their concerns. There is also a guide and FAQ available on the platform.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Help and support features available on the website
  • Offers tutorials for users
  • Poor customer support
  • No quick response and would take several days for some
  • Substantial help and support features available on the website
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Less structured materials in FAQ feature
TradeSanta Review Help and Support Winner

With several problems reported with TradeSanta’s customer support versus 3Commas 24/7 service, it’s clear that 3Commas is better with assisting their users

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Communities Winner Reviewed

No TradeSanta review would be complete without a quick look at communities. Once you review TradeSanta in terms of community, you might see that traders can effortlessly communicate with each other to share knowledge, build new strategies, and collaborate on various activities. 

3Commas provides similar features for its users — they can interact with the website, blog materials, social media pages, and more. Users can join a Discord community besides Telegram, YouTube, and other social media channels.

Santa Bot Crypto

3Commas Bot Crypto

  • Telegram community
  • No forum for users
  • Few community sites
  • Offers a lot of community channels
  • Give community support for beginners
TradeSanta Review Communities Winner

As there is a wider range of channels presented on their site, 3Commas offer greater discourse for its users

TradeSanta vs 3Commas: Features Winner Reviewed

Though having different features, both 3Commas and TradeSanta run their services alike with common facets. But 3Commas have a great advantage because of their reliable bots that produce great successful profit stories from full cryptocurrency traders.

TradeSanta Review vs 3Commas: Trading Bots

Both 3Commas and TradeSanta have Grid and DCA bots that traders can customize and set limits before the bots start trading. Both also offer automated trading for trader’s easier transactions.

TradeSanta allows users to choose between ready-made strategies, long or short, or they can customize their own and start from scratch. For beginners, choosing a ready-made strategy is best as they can just set controls as they like for ease of trading, especially if they do not have much trading knowledge.

While trading, TradeSanta has an “Extra Order” feature that will add to the position if it goes against the user, which will make a smaller move gain a bigger profit, which makes the original profit target possible.

3Commas, on the other hand, offers users to purchase bot algorithms made by other traders, or they can make their own. 3Commas also allows users to copy other bot settings and adjust them based on their preference. One good news for traders is that 3Commas has a new bot feature, Options bot, where users can choose from strategies made by experts and create a new trading bot

Some traders, particularly experienced and expert ones, say that there is a lower risk in trading with 3Commas because 3Commas have Smart Trading Tools like Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss, Take Profit and Stop Loss Trailing Feature, and Smart Cover, which helps traders gain profit when trading no matter what. Truly, 3Commas is suitable for anyone, no matter what their level of trading is because it has great tools.

TradeSanta Review vs 3Commas: Referral Programs

Both platforms offer referral programs where users can invite colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to try the platform and join their growing community of traders. Through referrals, the user can earn via crypto payments and spend it on the platform or withdraw the money.

TradeSanta Review Features Winner

Even with both platforms having available trading bots and referral programs, experts saying that there is lower risk in trading makes users feel more at ease with 3Commas.

TradeSanta VS 3Commas: The Bottom Line

We’ve compared TradeSanta vs. 3Commas to understand which one is better as a go-to trading solution. 3Commas bots beat TradeSanta in many aspects mentioned. Let’s finalize the comparison in a table.



Pricing and plans

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Ease of use

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Exchange platforms

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot



Trading strategies

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Operating systems

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Privacy & security

Trade Santa Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot

Help and support

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot


3Commas Crypto Trading Bot


The 2023 TradeSanta review has provided us with valuable insights into the world of automated crypto trading. We've explored various aspects of TradeSanta, compared it with 3Commas, and delved into crucial features that shape these platforms.

TradeSanta offers a simplified approach to automated trading, making it accessible to both experienced crypto traders and newcomers. The platform's Grid and DCA bots cater to different trading techniques, allowing users to adapt to market conditions. The concept of Extra Orders provides a way to mitigate losses and increase profitability in volatile markets.

Furthermore, TradeSanta supports both long and short trading strategies, offering a range of technical indicators to aid users in making informed decisions. Stop loss parameters add an extra layer of risk management, particularly beneficial in the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Pricing plans are available to suit various trading needs, with discounts for annual subscriptions. The basic package, in particular, provides excellent value for retail investors and those with smaller portfolios. Customer service options, including live chat and the Telegram channel, contribute to a positive user experience.

The TradeSanta mobile app ensures flexibility for traders on the go, offering the same functionality as the desktop dashboard. However, it's essential to note that automated trading, while simplified by TradeSanta's interface, still requires effort and research to create a profitable strategy.

In terms of security, TradeSanta employs two-factor authentication, adding a layer of protection to users' accounts. The platform's API keys ensure that the bots can execute trades but cannot withdraw funds, enhancing overall safety.

Comparing TradeSanta to 3Commas, we've explored several key factors. Pricing-wise, TradeSanta offers competitive rates, especially for beginners. However, 3Commas provides a more gradual price increase with additional features in each tier.

When it comes to reliability, 3Commas gains an edge due to a lower risk of bugs compared to TradeSanta. In terms of ease of use, 3Commas provides a more polished and bug-free experience, making it a preferred choice.

Both platforms offer extensive exchange support, but 3Commas supports more major exchanges, providing users with a broader range of options. Regarding profitability, both platforms offer similar opportunities, ultimately dependent on user strategy.

In the realm of trading strategies, 3Commas takes the lead, offering a more reliable and less bug-prone experience. In terms of operating systems, 3Commas provides a smoother experience across devices.

Privacy and security are a priority for both platforms, with two-factor authentication and a commitment to user protection. Regarding updates, 3Commas offers more efficient notifications and alerts.

When it comes to help and support, 3Commas excels with 24/7 customer support, while TradeSanta has faced challenges in this area. In terms of communities, 3Commas provides a more extensive range of communication channels for users.

Lastly, in terms of features, both platforms offer trading bots and referral programs, but experts suggest 3Commas offers a lower-risk trading experience.

In summary, TradeSanta is an accessible platform with simplified trading tools, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. However, 3Commas stands out in terms of reliability, ease of use, exchange support, and customer support. As a result, many users find 3Commas to be a preferable choice, thanks to its robust automation features and proven trading history, which increase the potential for substantial profits in the world of cryptocurrency trading.


  • TradeSanta is one of the companies shaping the automated trading software market. Despite all its features, some traders might want to pick alternative trading platforms for automation.

  • TradeSanta is free, but you get limited features. You'll need a paid subscription plan if you want to unlock all the functions and automate your trading.

  • TradeSanta crypto withdrawal is similar to other bots. Once you connect to a crypto exchange, you can automate your trading and withdraw profits with no issues.

  • Trading bots are a 100% legitimate way to automate your crypto trading activity. Make sure to stick to reliable software providers, as some providers may willingly or unwillingly trick you into losing money.


The contents of this article are not intended to be financial advice and should not be treated as such. 3commas and its authors do not take any responsibility for your profits or losses after you read this article. The information contained herein is based on data that was gathered from a variety of sources. This should not be used as a parameter for investing. The user must do their own independent research to make informed decisions regarding their crypto investments.