Is it possible to have the same results while copying someone else’s bot?


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Hi there!

This post will be short, in fact it is my new experiment, I plan to find answers:

  • Is it possible to achieve the same results by copying the most profitable QFL bots?
  • Do safety orders for QFL signals help or not?

Everyone will ask: “Why did you choose QFL?” I will answer this question.

A person who wished to remain anonymous contacted me, he was following my experiments on the profitability of various signals, you can read these results here:



He told me that he tested various signals for a long time and all possible combinations of these signals with various oscillators. His goal is to find such a combination of signals that may be suitable for those who do not want to waste time: to start the bot and forget about it. His goal does not include high profitability, he wants to have a stable income without invests.

He gave me links to 4 bots which I will leave at the end of the post, such case seemed to be attractive to me and I’ve asked to send deals for each bot. Moreover, I asked admins to check these bots, maybe there were cancelled deals or convert to SmartTrade that could affect the profitability of the bot. I checked if there were changes in the bot during its work. It turned out that everything is exactly the same as this “incognito” told me.

I’ve prepared a table for each bot. So you’ll be able to see the data on 05/28/19, the day when I wrote this post:

Now let’s take a look at the goal of the experiment, according to these tables, I chose the bot #1 as the oldest one. It shows good results and exactly at 12:00 06/06/19 I will launch this bot (let’s call it “QFL NEW + SO ”), and the second bot without safety orders (let’s call it“ QFL NEW without SO ”) after 1 month (or maybe earlier) I will compare them taking into consideration their profit per month:

  • The average profit per month of the bot comparing with an average profit of the “QFL NEW + SO” bot.
  • Comparing «QFL NEW without SO» with the bot and «QFL NEW+SO» bot.

We’ll add a comparison table.

Screenshots of the bot settings I have chosen:

If you don’t want to make extra calculations, compare bots profitability according to the principle “I’ve launched them at the same time and I have different results”. If it is not that you’ve used a different number of pairs, SO and other important options, I offer you to make it together.

I can’t predict the result of such experiment, but if you decide to copy someone else’s bots, please do it carefully and thoughtfully. It’s better to know the principles of the signals that the bot you are copying works. Do not rush to make money in a hurry, you have a great chance lose.

Check out bots here:

BOT#1 deal start condition QFL+ TV;

BOT#2 deal start condition CQS Scalping + TV;

BOT#3 deal start condition QFL;

BOT#4 deal start condition CQS Premium;

To be continued ….

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