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Hi there!

50 days ago I started using 3commas.io bots jointly with signals: CQS Scalping, CQS Premium Signals, Cartelsignals, and QFL.

If you have not read the first part of the “Signal Statistics” please click here.

As you may have noticed on April 2, 2019, BTC price started to grow rapidly. Altcoins couldn’t follow cryptocurrency #1 results, they’ve started to slide down, and many of them are in a drawdown, lower than their entry points. It’s more interesting to see the way signals work while the altcoins’ market is falling.

For all signals, I’ve used the same deposit, approximately 0.0084 BTC. I’ve launched bots, using paid and free signals almost simultaneously, a few days apart. I’ve set up a profit according to recommendations of the signals’ creators (CQS and Cartelsignals), and followed the users’ recommendations in the 3commas chat, considering my own “authors’ analytics”, and the market situation. I did not follow recommendations of using averaging for such signals while setting them up.

I’ve changed some options after the last review:

  • On April 1, I created two additional bots. First bot using CQS Premium Signals, and the second one using Cartelsignals, there I’ve added only one averaging -5%, as recommended by creators. I probably feel guilty for ignoring their advice partially, because they recommend using 2 averaging (feeling guilty is a joke, but I was not joking about averaging). These bots have also been added to my analytics.
  • I’ve changed some settings, you can see it in the comparative table.
  • I’ve added analytics of the bots’ profitability, considering exit points from deals at current prices. Some traders say that on the one hand we have profit and it’s great, but on the other hand, the possible minus from the open deals spoils the entire income. This is a reasonable remark.

Comparative table of settings:

Analytics of profitability and signals’ operation:

Let’ see the bot’s profit on the additional chart, taking into account the closing of all open deals:

Let’s check out the “invest”. I want to remind that for me, the “invest” is a deal that wasn’t closed within 7 days:

As you can see, many signals got into “invest”, but even in these conditions, selling everything at current prices would have earned profits from bots for 50 days. In fact, I’m not going to stop any deal, the experiment continues, it’s extremely interesting what bot, on what signals will “pull out of this” first, whether averaging “new” bots will help to get more profit from bots – we will soon find out all this.

To be continued …

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