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Do you know what is the most common question in the 3commas chat? From what I’ve seen here, this is: how much can you earn with the trading bot? In this post, I’ll share my experience, so everyone can find the answer to this question.

Statistics data period for this post is from February 17, 2019, to March 21, 2019, this review is not limited by this article, read on in the second part.

All bots had the same conditions and worked on the same market, also, they were launched with a 1-2 days difference.

Each of them had the same amount of funds – 0.0084 BTC.

Percent of the income I set up in accordance with the instructions for each of the signals:

CQS Scalping – recommended 1.5%, I’ve set 1.18%.

According to my ideas, the deals should be closed before other ones, now I think this is not justified, but there’s already nothing I can do, as we used to say “there is no getting away from it”.

CQS Premium Signals – recommended 3%, but I set 2.8%, the reason why is described before.

Cartelsignals – 3% recommended, but I set 2.8%.

QFL – there were some problems with the recommendation from the signal provider because I did not know, and I still don’t know where to get them. Based on the one 3commas users’ advice, I’ve set 3%, and for about 10 days the bot had been working with this profit, and 10 deals were closed. On the 13th of March after analyzing the bot deals, I realized that the price “grows” up to 5% -12% 5-12% from the signal during the day. I decided to increase the profit from 3% to 4.7% and from this date the bot has been working with a profit of 4.7%. At the moment 15 transactions have made.

For other settings I completely ignored the creators’ recommendations, namely, I did not follow, and continue not to follow the recommended averaging when the coins drop to a minus, thus working very risky, but 100% deposit is in the process, leaving nothing for averaging.

The purpose of this analysis is to find out the quality of signals. I understand that this is extremely risky, and I do not recommend using such settings, it’s better to learn from the experience of others and stay tuned. but still, I am not responsible for your decisions.

Here is a comparison table of settings:

Let’s take look at the numbers that I’ve got from the signals at the market that was in this period, many people call it “growing”. I think it is not so vital, it’s important that different signals work simultaneously at the same market.

Total profit and average time per 1 deal for bots from the deposit is about 30 days of work:

Let’s talk about unsuccessful deals, that I call “investment”. For me, this is a deal that doesn’t close within 7 days and it does not matter what profit or loss of these transactions is currently taking place.

Based on my observation, paid signals are slightly different from free ones, reacting to market changes and reducing the number of incoming signals, which in theory should keep the deposit. To draw conclusions on the overall minimization of “investment”, pls take a look at this table:

And finally, the most interesting part – profit from the deposit per day relative to the BTC / USDT chart of the Binance exchange.

According to the charts, you will be able to understand how often the deals work, and on what market movement the signal works better.

I will not write a short summary of the signals, I’ve shared my statistics with you, leaving you alone with your conclusions. Make trading decisions by yourself.

To be continued …

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