IOTA Price Prediction: To Buy, to Trade, or to Get Rid Of?

IOTA Price Prediction

One of the goals of the IOTA network is to improve Bitcoin’s functionality, but it’s actually much more than that. IOTA was created as a solution for the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem, and it is infiltrating into more industries and markets each year. The new innovative technology Tangle has boosted IOTA’s appeal to investors and traders. With all these latest developments, IOTA is considered one of the most promising projects for the near future.

Is the future really so bright? Or should investors anticipate a rocky ride? Read on to get the updated IOTA (MIOTA) price prediction for the next several years.


IOTA is the first distributed ledger that was made up exclusively for a data exchange network to link humans and machines. It handles and facilitates transactions in the IoT ecosystem. The term IoT stands for the Internet of Things, a huge network of devices and technologies. The ecosystem is also the home of Tangle, a new technology developed by IOTA. The basic idea behind it is a new transaction being confirmed by two previous ones through a PoW system to ensure high scalability, no fees, and near-instant transfers.

The launch of this new cryptocurrency was announced in October 2015 by its creators Sergey Ivancheglo, Serguei Popov, David Sønstebø, and Dominik Schiener. The main difference between IOTA and other cryptocurrencies is that while all other networks use blockchain technology, IOTA has its own system – Tangle. Moreover, IOTA is designed to offer endless scalability – the more IOTA users there are, the faster the transaction speed will be. IOTA is also the first digital currency with zero fees.

The more advanced our technology becomes, the more we need solutions that will help machines and humans communicate, provide secure transactions, and achieve secure, sustainable smart cities under the IoT framework. This is what IOTA aims to achieve.

Factors That Affect IOTA’s Market Value

There are currently 2.78 billion IOTA tokens on the market, and the market cap is over $3 billion (based on the price-per-token multiplied by the number of tokens currently circulating). Of course, the market cap isn’t the only thing affecting the price and demand for IOTA.

There are numerous factors influencing crypto, so to make informed trading decisions, let’s take a look at a few of them.

General Sentiment in the Cryptocurrency Market

Always keep an eye on Bitcoin’s price momentum – it always has a significant effect on the wider market. Upward or downward trends in major coins have a huge impact on smaller coins, even though they all have their trajectories.

Project Updates

When IOTA’s developers announced Tangle as their new technology, the popularity of the coin jumped up by a considerable margin. Any news, good or bad, draws the attention of the public to a certain cryptocurrency. The more PR IOTA receives, the better it is for the price.


The IOTA team has a great track record in terms of its partnerships. They have already cooperated with market giants like Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Dell Technologies, and Bosch.

Opinions of Experts and Thought Leaders

Statements from certain expertise and analysts, sometimes even tweets, can take the price in a new direction. It happened with IOTA as well, when the founder of Ethereum voiced his criticism about using Tangle instead of a blockchain.

IOTA Price Performance in the Past

Having an understanding of a coin’s historical performance is crucial for making the right future forecast. Let’s have a look at events and key points of the past.

IOTA past

Here are the most notable events in the IOTA’s past:

  • In December 2017, IOTA became the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, thanks to its collaboration with Microsoft.
  • IOTA showed a dramatic decline in February 2018 due to overall tendency in the cryptocurrency world. It cost less than $2 when in 2017, the price rose higher than $3.50.
  • In the middle of 2018, IOTA skyrocketed thanks to partnerships with an IT company called DXC Technology and University College London.
  • IOTA has been a target of cyberattacks many times, but the most serious one was at the end of 2019. The attacker compromised over 50 IOTA seeds and stole approximately 2 million USD worth in IOTA tokens. “First, their custom-made hash function was broken, and you could forge transactions. Now, they had to shut down their network because their wallet was hacked. This is insane because you should not be able to shut down a decentralized network.” – said cryptographer Mario Costa.
  • The foundation was briefly shut at the beginning of 2020 due to the attack in 2019.

How Is IOTA Doing Now?

The price of IOTA has gone up partly thanks to the rise of Bitcoin price and the overall uptrend in the cryptocurrency market. Platforms providing smart contracts like Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano have been surging more than ever, and this seems to reflect on MIOTA’s price too. Another reason for IOTA’s recent boost is the rising popularity of IoT devices.

IOTA in 2021

On April 16, IOTA reached its all-time high of $2.53. However, with the help of a new project called Chrysalis, this record may be beaten. The new project includes upgrades and enhancements to increase the network’s speed, reliability, and scalability.

Short-Term IOTA (MIOTA) Price Prediction for 2021

There aren’t many sources that think that IOTA’s price will go further than the $2 line. The maximum expected price is set at around $2.3. Slight declines might affect the price until the end of the year, but they are unlikely to be too dramatic.

 Prediction 1: Don’t Expect IOTA to Go Above $2.0 

Month Open Low-High Close Mo, % Total, %
November 2021 1.47 1.40-1.94 1.54 4.8% 4.8%
December 2021 1.54 1.45-1.80 1.62 5.2% 10.2%

No significant changes are expected for the rest of the year. A slight decline in November might drive the coin price lower to $1.54, but it is expected to rise up to $1.62 at the end of the year.

 Prediction 2: Almost $2.5 

Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
November 2021 1.40509 2.06630 1.65304 27.06
December 2021  1.53424  2.25624  1.80499 27.11%

The Economy Forecast Agency and Trading Beasts don’t have any expectations for the price to go above $2.2. November might begin with about $1.40, and the year, in general, will possibly end with the IOTA price at approximately $1.80.

 Prediction 3: More Than $2 

According to Wallet Investor, the average price in November might be $1.28. The stable growth is predicted until the middle of December. The price is expected to reach $2.29 in the second half of December. The year might end with an average price of $2.23.

IOTA Price Prediction for 2022

IOTA price predictions are quite different for 2022. Some sources say it won’t reach even the $2 mark, some believe that by the end of the year, the $3 line might be crossed. It is hard to tell which outlook you should gravitate to, so, please, don’t take such predictions as a call to action. They may show you the possible future movements so that you can plan your own strategy.

 Prediction 1: Still Below $2 

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
January 2022 1.62 1.62-2.01 1.88 16.0% 27.9%
February 2022 1.88 1.88-2.33 2.18 16.0% 48.3%
March 2022 2.18 2.18-2.53 2.36 8.3% 60.5%
April 2022 2.36 2.34-2.70 2.52 6.8% 71.4%
May 2022 2.52 1.97-2.52 2.12 -15.9% 44.2%
June 2022 2.12 1.66-2.12 1.78 -16.0% 21.1%
July 2022 1.78 1.78-2.20 2.06 15.7% 40.1%
August 2022 2.06 2.06-2.56 2.39 16.0% 62.6%
September 2022 2.39 2.39-2.96 2.77 15.9% 88.4%
October 2022 2.77 2.77-3.43 3.21 15.9% 118%
November 2022 3.21 2.56-3.21 2.75 -14.3% 87.1%
December 2022 2.75 2.75-3.41 3.19 16.0% 117%

As you can see, January is forecasted to begin with $1.29. The first price peak is to be reached in March – $1.49. After that, the price might go down to $1.05 and begin to climb up again and become 1.91 in September. After another downtrend and peak in November ($1.90), the price might go down again. 2022 is expected to finish with $1.74.

 Prediction 2: Another Cautious Outlook 

Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
January 2022  1.53785  2.26154  1.80923 27.41%
February 2022  1.54061  2.26560  1.81248 27.64%
March 2022  1.54233  2.26814  1.81451 27.78%
April 2022  1.54334  2.26961  1.81569 27.87%
May 2022  1.54334  2.26962  1.81570 27.87%
June 2022  1.54229  2.26808  1.81446 27.78%
July 2022  1.54018  2.26496  1.81197 27.60%
August 2022  1.53677  2.25996  1.80797 27.32%
September 2022  1.53204  2.25300  1.80240 26.93%
October 2022  1.52609  2.24425  1.79540 26.44%
November 2022  1.51841  2.23296  1.78637 25.80%
December 2022  1.50937  2.21966  1.77573 25.05%

According to the team at Trading Beasts and their IOTA price predictions for 2022, the price might stay below $2.5. The year is predicted to start at $1.80. The price might remain more or less the same throughout the whole period until September. After that, there might be a slight decrease. The end of the year might leave us with $1.77.

 Prediction 3: More Optimistic Prospects 

IOTA price prediction by Wallet Investor is more positive. The year might begin with $2.25. From that point on, insignificant ups and downs might show on the price chart until May, when the price will possibly start a stable growth with an average price of $2.60.

Forecasters expect a downtrend at the beginning of July, which might take the price to $2.04. The cost of IOTA stock is expected to be around $2.1 until the end of November, which is when we see an uptrend. It is going to take the price up to $3.08 on the last day of 2022.

IOTA Price Forecast for 2023-2025

Some experts say that IOTA will grow up to the $5.0 mark and even beyond it. Others, however, are not so sure. It is quite hard to give an exact prediction for such a long timeframe.

 Prediction 1: Unstable Positions 

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
January 2023 3.19 2.72-3.19 2.92 -8.5% 98.6%
February 2023 2.92 2.28-2.92 2.45 -16.1% 66.7%
March 2023 2.45 2.45-3.04 2.84 15.9% 93.2%
April 2023 2.84 2.84-3.52 3.29 15.8% 124%
May 2023 3.29 3.15-3.63 3.39 3.0% 131%
June 2023 3.39 3.39-4.21 3.93 15.9% 167%
July 2023 3.93 3.93-4.88 4.56 16.0% 210%
August 2023 4.56 3.56-4.56 3.83 -16.0% 161%
September 2023 3.83 2.99-3.83 3.22 -15.9% 119%
October 2023 3.22 3.22-4.00 3.74 16.1% 154%
November 2023 3.74 2.92-3.74 3.14 -16.0% 114%
December 2023 3.14 2.46-3.14 2.64 -15.9% 79.6%

2023 might be marked with an uptrend that is going to take the price from $2.92 in January to $4.56 in July. A downtrend might follow right after and make the price drop to $2.64 (the closing price in December 2023).

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
January 2024 2.64 2.52-2.90 2.71 2.7% 84.4%
February 2024 2.71 2.71-3.11 2.91 7.4% 98.0%
March 2024 2.91 2.30-2.91 2.47 -15.1% 68.0%
April 2024 2.47 1.93-2.47 2.07 -16.2% 40.8%
May 2024 2.07 2.07-2.57 2.40 15.9% 63.3%
June 2024 2.40 2.25-2.59 2.42 0.8% 64.6%
July 2024 2.42 2.40-2.76 2.58 6.6% 75.5%
August 2024 2.58 2.58-3.10 2.90 12.4% 97.3%
September 2024 2.90 2.27-2.90 2.44 -15.9% 66.0%
October 2024 2.44 2.44-3.03 2.83 16.0% 92.5%
November 2024 2.83 2.21-2.83 2.38 -15.9% 61.9%
December 2024 2.38 1.86-2.38 2.00 -16.0% 36.1%

January 2024 might make the price go further down till May ($2.07). After that, the price is predicted to rise till September with a small decline in August. Unfortunately, December 2023 might end with a humble result of $2.00.

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
January 2025 2.00 1.56-2.00 1.68 -16.0% 14.3%
February 2025 1.68 1.31-1.68 1.41 -16.1% -4.1%
March 2025 1.41 1.23-1.41 1.32 -6.4% -10.2%
April 2025 1.32 1.03-1.32 1.11 -15.9% -24.5%
May 2025 1.11 0.93-1.11 1.00 -9.9% -32.0%
June 2025 1.00 1.00-1.24 1.16 16.0% -21.1%
July 2025 1.16 0.90-1.16 0.97 -16.4% -34.0%
August 2025 0.97 0.75-0.97 0.81 -16.5% -44.9%
September 2025 0.81 0.63-0.81 0.68 -16.0% -53.7%
October 2025 0.68 0.68-0.85 0.79 16.2% -46.3%
November 2025 0.79 0.61-0.79 0.66 -16.5% -55.1%
December 2025 0.66 0.51-0.66 0.55 -16.7% -62.6%

2025 is unlikely to make IOTA holders happy as well. December 2025 might leave them with $0.55 per coin.

 Prediction 2: Still Not a Very Promising Picture 

The team of experts at Trading Beasts can show us the results only until the end of December 2024. Below is their month-by-month forecast.

Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
January 2023  1.49819  2.20322  1.76257 24.12%
February 2023  1.48495  2.18375  1.74700 23.03%
March 2023  1.47103  2.16327  1.73062 21.87%
April 2023  1.45318  2.13703  1.70963 20.40%
May 2023  1.43317  2.10760  1.68608 18.74%
June 2023  1.40924  2.07241  1.65793 16.76%
July 2023  1.38245  2.03301  1.62641 14.54%
August 2023  1.35034  1.98580  1.58864 11.88%
September 2023  1.36537  2.00790  1.60632 13.12%
October 2023  1.40105  2.06037  1.64829 16.08%
November 2023  1.43824  2.11505  1.69204 19.16%
December 2023  1.47440  2.16823  1.73458 22.15%

Trading Beasts price prediction is not as pessimistic as the Economy Forecast Agency’s one, but still, it won’t make IOTA holders particularly excited. The year 2023 might begin with $1.76. Throughout the entire year, the average price might stay within $1.3-1.5.

Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
January 2024  1.51181  2.22325  1.77860 25.25%
February 2024  1.54917  2.27819  1.82255 28.35%
March 2024  1.14035  1.67698  1.34158 -5.52%
April 2024  1.18334  1.74021  1.39217 -1.96%
May 2024  1.22419  1.80028  1.44022 1.42%
June 2024  1.26560  1.86117  1.48894 4.85%
July 2024  1.30490  1.91896  1.53517 8.11%
August 2024  1.34471  1.97751  1.58201 11.41%
September 2024  1.38372  2.03488  1.62791 14.64%
October 2024  1.42073  2.08930  1.67144 17.71%
November 2024  1.45820  2.14442  1.71553 20.81%
December 2024  1.49376  2.19670  1.75736 23.76%

2024 will possibly give the coin a humble start, with an average price of $1.77 in January. February might slightly light up the mood before another decline – from March to August, the price is likely to stay in the range between $1.3-$1.6. The last month of 2024 might leave us with $1.75 per coin.

 Prediction 3: Crossing the $4 Line 

Wallet Investor’s IOTA price prediction is the most optimistic so far. It says that 2023 will start on a high note – the average price on the first day of the year being at $3.03. It is possibly going to stay at relatively the same price point until April (between $2.7 and $3.0). That month is supposed to give IOTA a little boost – the price might go up to $3.4 in May, followed by a decline. The price might be around $2.8-$2.9 till the end of November – this is when the price is expected to go up again to $3.93 in December. The last day of 2023 might say farewell at the $3.87 mark.

The $4.0 line might be crossed in the middle of April after the series of uptrends and downtrends. However, the price might go back to $3.9 in the middle of May. Until the middle of October, the price is unlikely to move lower than $3.7. Another crossing of the $4.0 mark might happen at the end of November. The last day of 2024 might be marked with a price of $4.72.

During January and February, the price might be falling until it stops at $4.41. From the middle of February to the beginning of April, we see the price staying within the range of $4.5-$4.6 (except for a few days when it briefly drops to $4.4). At the end of April, IOTA might be worth more than $5.0. However, May and June might show a decline – down to $4.56 on the last day of June. July, August, September, and October might hold the price within the $4.5-$4.6 range. The last day of 2025 might bring us an impressive result of $5.56 per coin.

IOTA Price Prediction for 2030

The further in the future we go, the harder it gets to generate accurate IOTA price predictions. Some experts believe that IOTA will reach $30 and won’t stop here, but others are not so sure even about the $10 mark.

 Prediction 1: Outstanding Results in 2029 And 2030 

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2021 1.35 1.41 1.47
2022 1.96 2.03 2.40
2023 2.82 2.92 3.44
2024 4.22 4.33 5.00
2025 6.18 6.36 7.30
2026 9.19 9.51 10.87
2027 13.57 13.95 16.27
2028 19.70 20.26 23.14
2029 28.43 29.44 33.63
2030 41.59 42.77 50.46

As you can see in the table above, rapid growth may happen in 2027-2030. IOTA price is predicted to skyrocket from $13.95 in 2027 to $42.77 in 2030. Let’s hope that dramatic decline won’t follow IOTA afterward.

 Prediction 2: Realistic View of a Stable Growth 

Year Mid-Year Year-End Tod/End,%
2021 $0.85 $1.76 +28%
2022 $2.22 $2.32 +68%
2023 $2.48 $2.93 +113%
2024 $3.36 $3.79 +175%
2025 $3.51 $3.86 +180%
2026 $4.21 $4.55 +230%
2027 $4.89 $5.14 +273%
2028 $4.69 $4.35 +216%
2029 $4.59 $4.81 +249%
2030 $5.05 $5.29 +284%

By the end of 2030, IOTA’s price might reach $5.29 – as you can tell, this IOTA price prediction is not as optimistic as the previous one. However, slow but steady growth is not a bad thing, even though there won’t be any shocking results.

IOTA Price Projections: How to Set Entry and Exit Points Correctly

IOTA is a highly volatile asset even for trading on big timeframes. Thus, you should apply both technical and fundamental analysis to catch correct price alerts.

Technical Tools to Use for IOTA Price Projections

Since the IOTA token requires multiple tools to predict the price direction, we suggest using the following indicators:

  • MACD
  • Awesome Oscillator
  • Moving Average
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Pivot Points
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Volume
  • Fibonacci Retracement

Steps to Predict IOTA Movements

  1. Open the IOTA/USD chart. Use a daily chart because the token is highly volatile.
  2. Define a trend. Trading in a trend is the best option, so avoid going against the market as your primary strategy.
  3. Apply technical indicators. The rule of thumb is to use 2-3 technical tools to define the price direction. If you go for a bigger selection of tools, it is going to lead to confusing signals.
  4. Find chart patterns that provide additional clues about the following price movements. Trading highly volatile assets, you may see various candlestick patterns that may give fake signals due to the market often changing its direction.
  5. Define support and resistance levels. If the market is trading within a strong trend, use Fibonacci retracements to set the levels where the price is expected to rebound. Support and resistance will help you set entry and exit points.
  6. Remember about the Stop Loss level that will lock in your losses if the market moves in the opposite direction.

Long-Term IOTA Price Predictions by Experts

The Internet of Things might be one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years. With such a strong backup, how can the cryptocurrency that serves it fail?

As we can see from the IOTA predictions shown earlier, the future looks promising. The only thing experts don’t agree upon is the speed of the growth.

The team from Cryptona expects the rising of IOTA’s price as well: “IOTA is one of the most unique and innovative digital assets on the crypto market today. In addition, it has successfully secured several lucrative partnerships in its history and continues to do so. Two prime features that can enormously affect the price.”

What to Do With IOTA – Trade or Invest?

This is a question nobody can answer for you. It’s always a good idea to go through lots of articles by leading experts, but don’t let anybody make a decision for you.

On the one hand, IOTA won’t show any brilliant results very quickly. If you are looking for a huge profit in the short term, consider other options as no cryptocurrency can guarantee it. You can, however, multiply your investment in the long run. On the other hand, there is a risk of losing everything because cryptocurrencies prices sometimes decline very sharply.

Right now, trading IOTA is one of the best options. The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to wait years to see results. But you need the right tools to make it happen. Save yourself from mistakes and ensure you enter the market at just the right moment by automating your trades with a 3commas bot.

Why Trade Using 3commas Bot?

Many traders can’t afford to spend hours and hours trying to navigate the crypto market. 3commas bot is there to provide the best service possible to those who value their time.

Here are things that make this bot the best choice for your trading journey:

  • Technical possibilities of the 3commas bot allow it to maximize profit while not taking additional risks. Thus, you are protected by a reliable set of strategies.
  • The bot has been on the market for several years, showing great results during its operation.
  • The platform offers a clear and transparent system of investment tools and financial protection
  • There are 23 major exchanges available.
  • You can customize our presets whenever you want – you have full control over the situation.
  • You don’t have to be a pro to use the 3commas bot – the interface is beginner-friendly and understandable for people with limited knowledge or practice. That said, it’s also suitable for advanced traders as well.


Is IOTA a Good Investment in 2021?
Right now, the price of IOTA is quite affordable. But what’s even better is that it also has great potential. If you don’t mind receiving profit at some point in the future, e.g., in several years, consider investing in IOTA.
Is IOTA Worth Buying?
According to most experts, IOTA’s price will go up in the future, which is why buying it right now might be a good idea.
Does IOTA Have a Future?
According to some experts, the coin will be worth more than $30 after 2030, so the future seems really bright. Even though some experts have doubts about IOTA reaching such a high mark, they are sure that the future holds stable growth for this cryptocurrency.
What Will IOTA Be Worth in 2030?
In 2030, IOTA is likely to cost above $7. However, there are experts who predict it to rise up to $30 and more. Such a long-term prognosis is hard to make accurately, so the numbers are approximate.
Is IOTA a Stablecoin?
Technically, IOTA is not considered a stablecoin. However, it is considered to be a good option for investors who are not looking for rapid growth and fast profit. IOTA is connected with the Internet of Things, which is gaining more and more popularity right now.

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