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BitShares (BTS)

BitShares (BTS) is a cryptocurrency and decentralized exchange platform launched in 2015. While the platform primarily has been used as a decentralized exchange for financial securities and commodities using a Smart Contracts system, it has the potential to support the exchange of virtually any and all goods and services, and the creation of Distributed Autonomous Companies (DACs). The platform boasts some of the fastest transaction times and blockchain capacity in the world, even suggesting that it can process more transactions per second than VISA.

The value of BitShares was flat after its 2015 ICO until a sharp increase in early 2017 as its adoption rate picked up. It also underwent a boom and bust cycle alongside most digital currencies in 2018. After the post crypto boom decline, the coin settled at around 10 times its original ICO price, where it has remained relatively flat since. The current overall market cap of this cryptocurrency is in the top 50.

BitShares uses a form of stablecoin tied to the American dollar to underpin each transaction, but the BTS coins are used as a form of collateral with at least 2 times their value being held compared to the contract. Therefore, users can employ the native BTS coin to trade on the platform, but they are not exposed to price volatility that can hamper trades.

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