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BRL 0.620016-1.46%
Market CapBRL 5.59B
Volume (24)BRL 87,124,330
Circulating Supply9,000,000,000 XEM
Issue Date3/31/2015

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NEM (XEM) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform for the creation of Smart Assets that was launched in 2015. The platform is designed to allow for the creation and management of assets based on client-developed digital signatures, or 'Smart Assets'. The underlying blockchain was also designed with speed, performance and security in mind, particularly in terms of long run scalability. It also uses a novel Proof of Importance (PoI) system that rewards users for employing the XEM coin in transactions.

The value of NEM (XEM) saw a small rise before the 2017 crypto price boom after a flat first two years. It followed the general boom and bust of the overall crypto market, and has since settled at a relatively low per unit price compared to similar digital currencies. The overall market cap of NEM (XEM) is now in the top 30.

The NEM platform is focused on providing users with a user-friendly system for defining and exchanging assets. Unlike many other cryptocurrency platforms, the defined assets are given a digital signature, making them a so-called 'Smart Asset', that can be tracked on the blockchain itself, thereby allowing for much more advanced and complex transactions using the blockchain.

The Proof of Importance (PoI) system used by NEM is also revolutionary in the world of cryptocurrency coins, as it rewards users for actually employing the system to make transactions, as opposed to just mining and/or hoarding the XEM as a digital currency.

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