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GBP 0.758398-6.10%
Market CapGBP 24.31B
Volume (24)GBP 1,096,458,900
Circulating Supply32,066,391,000 ADA
Issue Date-

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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency and Smart Contract platform based on a self-described '3rd generation' blockchain. It was developed in 2017 as a direct response to some of the shortcomings seen in the 1st generation of Smart Contract platforms and their associated digital currencies, notably Ethereum (ETH). It was designed specifically to allow a much higher degree of scalability and address some of the governance issues that arise in proof of stake (PoS) validation systems. The value of Cardano rose dramatically alongside the 2018 crypto boom, but the coin has since returned to near pre-boom levels.

Cardano's primary designer originally worked on the Ethereum platform, but left to focus on this new project after problems with Ethereum emerged. In this sense Cardano can be seen as a direct upgrade to Ethereum based on the core problems with the original platform. Most notable is the problem of scalability, where older Smart Contract platforms have a very high processing time and cannot efficiently handle a growing number of transactions.

Cardano developments undergo a peer-review process similar to that seen in the physical sciences, which is intended to maintain a high caliber of contributions to the project. The project is based on an extensive development philosophy focusing on the establishment of fully decentralized systems of exchange.

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